Where to donate unwanted items in Beijing?


You may be familiar where to donate unwanted items in your home country, but living in Beijing, it is hard to identify collection locations. You may be moving out or just willing to get rid of unused items…  Here are some options where to donate unwanted items in Beijing, such as clothes, children toys, …

  • Round About China:
    • logoWhat they collect: Check their website for additional information, but they would accept all kind of items: Working electrical goods, books, kitchenware, car seats, exercise equipment,craft items, bags, soft furnishings, all furniture baby equipment, jewellery, bicycles, heaters, garden furniture, storage containers, blankets, toys, games, art work, sports goods, stationery, garden equipment, fabric bedding and pillows clothing, for all ages, in good newly cleaned condition… 
    • Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9.30am-5.30pm
    • Phone: 137 1877 7761 (English), 137 1805 3814 (Chinese)
    • Email: roundaboutchina@gmail.com
    • English address: Yuyang Road West, Off An Hua Road (Behind Yosemite Villa Compound), Shunyi
    • Chinese address: 后沙峪镇榆阳西路
    • Drop-off locations in city center: The China Culture Center (Maple Drive-in Cinema Park, No.21, Liangmaqiao Road), Dongzhimenwai Avenue, Xindong Road.
    • Website: http://www.roundaboutchina.com/
  • Operation Blessing China
    • What they collect: old clothes, need to confirm with them their current needs.
    • Address: Building 44,Honghua Jia Yuan, A No. 108, Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100012
    • Emailinfo@obchina.org
    • Website: http://www.obchina.org/about/ob-china/about-us/
  • Rotaract Beijing:
    • They don’t indicate this activity on their website, but they can help you to collect unwanted items and send them to the right places.
    • Contact: please use the form on their website
    • Website: http://www.rotaractbeijing.org/
  • Beijing Foundation:
    • They don’t indicate this activity on their website, but it is said they can help you to collect unwanted items. They work with a network of other NGOs, charities, and government entities.
    • Contact:  beijingfoundation@gmail.com
    • Website: http://www.beijingfoundation.org/
  • Beijing Government Charity Centers
    • What they collect: they take most used goods that are in good condition. If you need to contact them, you’d better know a little bit of Chinese as the staff doesn’t speak any English. No unclean or damaged items and no undergarments.
    • Where? Many locations across the city, please check their website for additional information.
    • Phone: 96156 (only Chinese)
    • Website: http://bjjz.bjmzj.gov.cn. 


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