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Pack up and go

It is truth that an International moving with a family and an entire household of personal effects in tow can be overwhelming. This process is completely different, depending on the procedures and the law of your new country. To make this process easily, relocation companies assist you during the hold moving. They include a relocation package with full-services which is more expensive but include housing, process of moving, pets, school and more to make you feel again at home.

Things to consider when choosing Relocation Companies:

• Are you going to need especial services such as storage, pets and car transport?

• The Relocation Agency needs to know all points of contact from your home country to final destination. Example: Lyon (France)-movers-forwarding company-customs-Beijing (China).

• The Agency needs to know all regulation rules of the moving country in order to let you know all needed documents and steps.

Useful to know:

• A sea shipment normally takes around 3 months but air shipment just takes 2 weeks. Many of your belongings may have delay.

• You will need receipts for any major purchases made in China but items brought to the country will not be taxed.

• It is not legal to export items with more than 150 years old. They may be antique art and have to pass an inspection. Objects of museum quality made before 1794 are not permitted for export.

• Some furniture can suffer knocks and marks during moving. It is better to buy new furniture for your new home and leave your favorite furniture’s in your country.

• Plan your timing not too close. The distance is long and in the course of the week a mishap can happen.

A few months before moving to China:


Hand baggage

6-5 months before moving

-Start looking for your Relocation Company and choose the services you will need for the move.

-You have to make sure you know which expenses are covered by the company.

-Start thinking about your pets transport and book the flights.

-It will be a good idea to cope with repatriation. The culture shock in Asia can be stronger. For that reason, read about the culture, taste the food and take some Chinese lesson is advisable.

4-3 months before moving

-Confirm your moving dates to your Relocation Company.

-Visit the doctor to collect all of you and your family’s medical certificates and records.

-Inform your children school about the move and prepare all of the necessary documents.

-Cancel any memberships you have as well as your cable TV.

-Transfer the family’s health insurance.

The last month before the move

-Give library books and other rental backs.

-Check your house a few times for items you may want to sell before living.

-Reconfirm your arrangements with the Relocation Company.

-Make a survival box for the move.

-Make a detail list of everything that will be shipped, mark them and make a division.

-Refill medicine prescriptions.

-Empty and defrost your freezer.

The day of the move

-Keep money, tickets, passports and documents safe.

-Check again every room.

-Turn off all appliances.

-Lock doors and windows.

-Let the movers know which things you will need right away, so they can load them last.


  • Asian Tigers

Full-time dedicated professionals who offer the largest fleet of trucks and warehouse space in all east Asia. Click on the Website:

  • Asian Express International Movers

Founded in 1979 they are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou.

  • Allied Pickfords

It is the largest moving company in the world with offices in over 40 countries.

  • Crowne Worldwide Group

They offer relocation services since 1965 helping in the process of repatriation too. They also offer a security system for their clients.


Chinese decoration

Home Essentials

Nesting helps make a house a home. We have a selection of items, markets and stores for when you want to purchase long-term, such as furniture and bicycles as well as everyday items like food and other essential products for your new life in China. Depending on the city you will be able to find popular stores like Ikea or maybe you will need to adapt yourself to new items and shopping styles.


China has a wide selection of temporary furniture from brand stores like Ikea and also old Chinese-style products which probably you will like to bring back to your home country.

Water filters


A water filter

You will need a Water filter at home in order to have mineral water to drink. Tap water is safe for brushing your teeth but drinking is not a good idea. We recommend you to buy a big water filter as soon as you move into your new home in China. There are many options for water filters such as under-the-sink systems to water coolers. You can ask in supermarkets for delivery-service in order to avoid carrying the heavy bottles. Some residential compounds have someone who delivers bottles for water filters too.

Air purifiers

The annual Air Quality Index (AQI) in some Chinese cities is very high and not healthy because of the smog of pollution. Having an Air purifier or more than one is an essential object at home if you leave in Beijing. For short stay it may not be strictly necessary but if you are going to stay at least one year in China, we recommend buying one. Some people suffer the dry weather of Beijing during the winter and an Air purifier always helps. It is totally up to you because maybe the clime does not affect you so drastic.

At home it is a clever consideration to provide your rooms with air purifiers especially if someone in your family or friends smokes. Indoors we recommend opening the windows during less polluted days to have fresh air but after switch on the air purifier.


It is not a must have but very useful if the aridity of the air makes your skin rough. In some cities it is not necessary to buy a humidifier for your house but if you move to Beijing or areas near the Gobi Desert we recommend you to buy one or more for each room.


Whether you are going to live in the city center or in the suburbs, a bike for a quick trip is perfect. When purchasing a bike, you will find a range of quality and prices. You can buy for a new bike for a good price or get one for less money. Bikes in China are very used for being an easy way of moving in short distances. Public transport and taxis are cheap too but if you want to do some exercise or go for a quick trip to the store, using your bike is perfect. Do not miss an excursion by bike around the old Chinese town with your family.


Salted butter

Special food

We know you will miss some special products of your home country while you are cooking or having a special dinner at home. Do not worry because China imports an international selection of products and you will be able to find them in International supermarkets and other stores. It is quiet easy to find imported items such as butter, yogurts, milk, juice, cereals, biscuits, pizza and pasta, sauces and bread. Drinks with alcohol are also sold in China. There is a variety of wines, champagne, beers, liquors and spirits.





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