How expensive are the apartment rents in Beijing ?

The rents in Beijing are always climbing to new heights, and within a few years the situation has changed dramatically. Beijing is no more a cheap place to live.

In 2012, the rents have increased around 20%, and this should be around 16% in 2013. The authorities have failed in controlling the raise compared with other cities in China.

Here are a few indications about the level of the rents :

From RMB 2.000 to RMB 3.500 : shared housing or Chinese style apartment rather far from the center

Depending on the rea you are looking for a flat, you might find a correct chamber as a roommate in the east of Beijing, or move away from the center and rent a small apartment, but a « Chinese style » one. By Chinese style I mean something which is basic regarding comfort. This is OK but nt at the western standards, the bathromm will have a shower, no bathtub. The kitchen will be basic as well, do not expect too much from the landlord.

From RMB 3.500 to RMB 5.000 : Chinese style apartment

You will be located within Beijing good districts, but in a low standard apartment. Some of them can be okay, but the layout is going to be simple, the construction of low quality. It depends on your expectations, some of these apartments are very nice to live in, if you do not want to live in a luxury place ; you’ll have a functional shower and kitchen.

From RMB 5.000 to RMB 10.000 : Western-style apartment in some districts

By western-style, I mean highest standard here, with better construction criteria, nicely painted walls, modern kitchen, nice bathroom. You’ll be in Shuangjing, some bareas of Wangjing or Wudaokou. In Chaoyang Park or Liagmaqiao, these prices are too low for a good standard apartment.

From RMB 10.000 to RMB 20.000 : Western-style apartment in high end location

Then again it varies according to the size, the location but for this range of price you ll find really nice housing in Beijing. For this price you might even have a small villa in Shunyi. This is the kind of apartments most expats live in. You’ll have a good clubhouse, a well located apartment.

Above RMB 20.000

Large apartments in Chaoyang, Villas in Shunyi, a well renovated courtayrd. Many high end places can be found in Beijing to live in. Since there is no limit here, everything is possible. There are serviced apartments in Beijing as well.

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