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Nanluoguxiang has lost its National AAA Grade as reported by China Daily last April 23rd 2016. This is probably a good news for people living in this area, as tourism buses will also not be anymore allowed to send their clients to Nanluoguxiang, an another measure, besides the removal of the AAA grade to curb the number of people visiting the area each day (30000 people in the bad days and up to 100000 people during China national holiday).

Nanluoguxiang became in the past years incredibly popular and attracted many businesses, which are altering the authenticity of the hutong and authorities have decided to curb that phenomenon. We take 

China’s tourist attractions rating system

loginIn China, tourist attractions rating system ( 旅游景区质量等级) is used by the Chinese authorities to score the quality of the attraction in terms of safety, cleanliness, sanitation, shopping and transportation (distance to nearest airport…). There are five categories: A (or 1A, the lowest level), AA (2A), AAA (3A), AAAA (4A) and AAAAA (5A, the highest level).

The number of tourists visiting the attraction is also an indicator and plays on the rate: 

  • AAAAA tourist attractions: > 600,000 people, including 50,000 from overseas.
  • AAAA tourist attractions: > 500,000 travellers a year,
  • AAA attractions : > 300,000 visitors.

The China National Tourism Administration is attributing the rating and the local tourism administrations are annually checking if the attractions continue to meet the national standards.

China counts about more than 60 AAAAA rated tourist attractions, which include, but not exhaustively: 

  • Beijing: The Palace Museum (故宫博物院), The Temple of Heaven (天坛公园), The Summer Palace (颐和园), Badaling Great Wall (八达岭长城风景名胜区), Ming Tombs (Thirteen Tombs of Ming Dynasty) (明十三陵), The Great Wall at Mutianyu (慕田峪长城)
  • Tianjin: Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, Panshan Scenic Area
  • Hebei: Shanhaiguan Scenic Area, Lake Baiyandian, the Imperial Summer Resort and the Surrounding Temples
  • Shanxi:Yungang Grottoes, Mount Wutai
  • Shanghai: The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Wildlife Park
  • Guang Dong: Chime-long Paradise of Guangzhou, Overseas Chinese Town in Shenzhen
  • Chongqing: Dazu Rock Carvings, the little Three Gorges and the little-little Three Gorges of Mount Wushan
  • Guang Xi: Lijiang River in Guilin, Guilin Merryland Resort


Beijing’s rated tourist attractions

To check the list of Beijing’s rated tourist attractions, visit this link. Tourist attractions are classified into different categories, included:

  •  imagesWorld Cultural Heritage
  • Spring Outing
  • Hutong
  • Theme Park
  • Museum
  • Temple Fair
  • Landscape

AAAA tourist attractions in Beijing include, but not exhaustively: Longqing gorge, Beijing Yeyahu National Wetland Park, Ancient Cave Dwellings in Yanqing, Yudu Mountian, Beijing Yuyang ski resort…

If you are done with the AAAAA and AAAA, and you would like suggestions of new places to visit in Beijing, you can refer to this link on Baidu (in Chinese) for AAA Beijing tourist attractions. It includes but not exhaustively Qianmen street (前门大街景区), China geological museum (中国地质博物馆), Beijing Planetarium (北京天文馆), Beijing Laoshe Tea house in Qianmen street (北京老舍茶馆) , Ritan Park (日坛公园), Tuanjiehu Park (团结湖公园), Wangjing park (大望京公园), …



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