Apartments in Beijing, Chaoyang Park

You are looking for an apartment in Beijing, have a look on the Chaoyang Park area. This is a location with a real appeal in Beijing. This is a luxurious area in Beijing, one of the richest urban areas in Asia. Expatriates in Beijing very often chose these places for pratical reasons, this is very central and you have many companies around.


This is both in the center of Beijing, with all the companies around, both a green place within China’s capital city. This is the good thing in Chaoyang, you are in Beijing downtown and close to a large green area, the Chaoyang park, lungs of Beijing.


This areas are quite westernized, foreigners are quite easily at ease here, with the advanage of being close to many landmarks in the east of Beijing, for example Sanlitun a nice spot for night life is quite close.


The park is 280 hectares of surface, with 68 hectares of lakes, the park is the largest urban park in Asia, with floral gardens, and leisure areas, sport fields and music. There is attractions such as a large rollercoaster. Some residences are almost in side the park with a great environment, such as Victoria Garden, Parkway Court n°9 and Golf Palace.


Not far from your apartment, you can benefit from Solana Lifetyle Shopping Park, a commercial area with dozens of restaurants and the Kids Town, a great place for children clothes and with fun.


There is some night clubs at the west gate of the park, such as the Juicy Spot and the Suzy Wong’s.


Practically speaking, you can benefit from the presence of several Suzy Wang’s grocery stores, one April Gourmet and a Carrefour supermarket.

The compounds in the area are:

  • Lakeside Garden 清境明湖

  • Parkview Tower 景园大厦

  • Manhattan Garden 京达花园

  • Boya Garden 博雅园

  • Victoria Garden 维多利亚花园公寓

  • Beijing Golf Palace 高尔夫公寓

  • No. 9 Parkway court 九号公寓 出租

  • Park Apartments 天安豪园

  • Great Hyatte International 海悦名门

East of Chaoyang park, everything is quite different.

The area is less prestigious but is risinbg and some very high end residences have been built.

We seleted the following ones:

Fancy Land

Oceanwide International 泛海国际

Green lake Place 观湖国际

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