The theoretical examination & the delivery of the driving license

Chinese driving license

Let’s recap on the steps to obtain your Chinese Driving License (驾驶证, jià shǐ zhèng):

  1.  Step 1: Health Check!
  2. Step 2: Apply!
  3. Step 3: Pass the theoretical examination and receive your driving license! That’s the topic of this article.

During the step 2, the agent will set your examination date and time. We strongly advise you to spend time to take some tests using the links we shared you as the questions can be quite tricky: the translation is sometimes difficult to figure out or the rules may slightly differ from your home country … and China has its own regulations in some cases!

The examination takes place in the Foreign Affairs Department of the Beijing Motor Vehicule Administration (BMVA)

No.18 Southeast 4th ring, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100023
北京 朝阳区 南四环东路18号 十八里店南桥
Tel: 86-10-87625150

You will need to present the following documents:
1) your convocation for the examination
2) your passport

When you arrive, you will have to wait with other foreigners in the waiting room. When it time, the officer will ask you to go upstairs, in the examination room. Take a desk with computer (up to your convenience). Some officers will go around and help you to enter your credentials (file number…) and select your language. Once done, you can take the test with the 100 questions. You have 45 minutes and you can review the questions before submitting the whole questioner.

Once you validate that you’ve done with the questioner, it will take a few seconds for the computer to provide your final score. Once done, raise the hand, like at school. One of the officer will come and check the result to report it on your convocation form. Go to the main officer desk and get a stamp.

If you failed with the test, you should go downstairs and set appointment for a new date.

If you are successful with the test, you should also go downstairs at the foreigner’s desk and apply for your driving license printing. The fee is 10 RMB. You have 2 options: you can come back after 3 days to pick up your license or they can send it to you. For the last option, you should go to the main hall, desk 13 and order EMS delivery. Make sure you have your address in Chinese characters and ask politely the agent to help you to write the Chinese characters. A few days later, you will receive your Chinese driving license.

Do not forget… you need to renew it after 6 years! We wish you a good luck driving in Beijing traffic!

Driving in China

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