China updated traffic violation fines from January 1st 2016!



China updated traffic violation fines from January 1st 2016! From January 1st 2016, China new traffic regulations will be formally implemented. Drivers who violate the traffic rules will get both fine and lose points from their driving license. Compared to fines applied for traffic rules violation in other countries, amounts are still low, but you can clearly see that China is tightening traffic rules! 

For detailed regulations, you may check the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau announcement. If you are not driving in Beijing, you will soon understand that it may impact your daily life: safety belt for front seat passenger is reinforced… another good news is that the law is now punishing the use of mobile phone and devices! 

For those driving in China, either during weekends to escape from smoggy Beijing or to commute from their home in Beijing to their office, this is an interesting article to read!


  1. Failing to stop at a red light: 100 RMB, 6 points

Failing to stop at red light

2. Drunk driving: 12 points + 5000 RMB fine and you will not be able to obtain a driving license for the next 5 years, as well as being hold for criminally responsible in case of road accident. Before January 2016/1/1, the punishment was a fine from 1000 to 2000 RMB, up to 10 days detention, and the suspension of the driving license for up to 6 months. With the new regulation, if a person is killed in a car accident, you will not be able to re-obtain a driving license in China.


3. A seat belt offence currently carries a penalty of 100 RMB and 3 points.


4. Not wearing a seatbelt for front seat passenger: 1 point , 50 RMB


5. Use of mobile phone while driving: 3 points and a fine of 100 RMB will be applied


6. Smoking while driving: 1 point and 100 RMB


7. Hidden, forged or altered car plate number: 12 points. The public security department may confiscate, detain the vehicle,for ten days, and impose a fine of 1000 RMB up to 3000 RMB; it constitutes a crime and can be held criminally responsible.  Using other vehicles motor vehicle registration certificate, plate, driving permit, conformity inspection mark or insurance sign, the traffic management department may confiscate, detain the vehicle and apply a fine from 2000 up to 5000 yuan fine. Take a look at the illustration… 🙂

IMG_00158. Driving over the speed limit: 6 points.


9. Child under the age of 14 seating on front passenger seat: 6 points and 300 RMB fine.



Have a safe trip! 





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