I am applying for driving license in Beijing. Step 1: Health Check!

In our article “How to get a Driver’s License in Beijing?”, we are sharing to you all the steps. Living in Beijing for a few years already, I dream about renting a car and escape for the weekend, as most Beijingers do. I am holding a French driving license and therefore I must apply for a driver’s license in Beijing and get the theoretical examination.

I am myself applying for Driver ‘s License in Beijing and I will provide you with more actual information during the procedure. I went today for Health Check.

IMG_41771) What I prepared before going for Health Check

* 1 ID picture 22 mm x 32 mm, white background
* 1 Health Check form I downloaded from Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (follow this link). My Chinese colleague helped me to fill the information since I can’t write Chinese.
* 1 paper with the translation of the 1st page of my passport


2) Where I went for Health Check

Since I work 4th ring South-East, I went to Beijing Fengtai Department medical center

北京市体检中心 丰台部
检前预约:51658855-8000 87292114

If you live and work in the city center, this is probably not the most convenient hospital to visit for your health check. We already shared you other locations in our article.

3) The visit at the hospital

You must speak a little bit of Chinese or you may get lost. I went to the main reception where I was welcomed by 2 nurses. They explained to me that I needed to go in the back of the building for examination. So I went outside of the building (near the hospital, there is the Wanfangting Park 万芳亭公园, from where I could hear and see people dancing and singing), turn right and right again to go behind the building. I couldn’t believe I would find a place for health examination there, since I couldn’t see anyone around and the buildings are not in a very good state. I was lucky to meet a “baowan” who show me “THE PLACE”.

I entered and ask for health check. The nurse asked me for passport, translation of the passport and Chinese name. He checked:


hearing test: with a earphone (could be a Museum piece), he check if I could hear properly from where the signal was coming (left ear or right ear)

colorblind test: the classical one. Since he was afraid I could not name the shapes, I just tried the “88” card.

sight test: the classical one also. Only 2 letters and it was done

height measurement

– he asked me if I had no problem with my wrists.


Since everything was ok, he asked me to go back to the main hall to pay the fee (10 RMB).

The receptionist filled a form and sent me to another room where inpatients where waiting. Firstly I couldn’t find the Cashier, but then I realized it was obvious: it was the only desk with a POS!

I went back to the nurse (outside) and he finally filled the form, asked me for the picture and stamped it. He gave me back the form.

That’s it for today! Next step: prepare all the materials for Drivers’ License Application and visit the Beijing Traffic and Vehicle Department.

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