Liuyin Park (柳荫公园) and its green willows



Liuyin Park 柳荫公园 is located on the west side of Andingmen Waidajie. With its 7 hectares lake filled by wild ducks and lotus and surrounded by weeping willows, the park covers a total area of 17 hectares. Pavillons, bamboo and fruit trees contribute to give Liuyin Park a feeling of countryside in the heart of Beijing.  There a playground area for kids featuring electric cars, trampoline, bumper cars…

If you visit the Lama Temple in Beijing, going for a peaceful walk in Liuyin park afterwards could be a good idea!


A traditional Chinese Park

Beijing This Month magazine Issue No. 18, 2016 gives a poetic introduction of Liuyin Park, and recommends to visit the park early spring, when the willows are fully green. Liuyin means “willow shade”. 

20150826040226321Liuyin park is a traditional Chinese park; you will appreciate the stunning view that has enchanted people for centuries. The park has been recently redesigned. The park features building in the style of northern folk dwellings. Lotus pounds, pavilions linked by corridors and walkways, bamboos, farmhouses with grey tiles and white walls,willows amid the grass on the lake shore, wild ducks on the lake and green mountains…. all these elements contribute to the idyllic scenery of Liuyin Park. 

The park used to be called Jiuda lake (the name of the lake of Liuyin park). According to the legend, during the late Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the place was an ancient palace. 


  • Address: Jiangzhaikou, Andingmenwai, Dongcheng District
    东城区, 安定门外蒋宅口
  • Opening hours: Daily 6am-9pm (summer) and Daily 6am-8:30pm (winter)
  • How to get there?
    • Andingmen subway station (10 minute walk),
    • Bus no. 108, 104, etc. to Jiangzhaikou station. 
  • Park fair: early April


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