Via Ferrata of Yanshan, at 1.5 hours drive of Beijing



An excellent idea for people living in Beijing and willing to breath fresh air during the weekend: visit the Via Ferrata of Yanshan! Yanshan Via Ferrata or Feilada in Chinese was built in the first quarter of 2011 by a renown French company: Prisme. Conception, construction and equipment are all made in France and the local team was fully trained by French professionals. 

imagesSafety and adventure are then combined on this high quality outdoor installation and you need only 1 hour 30 min to reach Yanshan Via Ferrata from Beijing down town.  Yanshan Via Ferrata offers 3 roads, with progressive difficulty levels: the roads include stairs, wood beams, monkey bridge and Tibetan bridge. Security is ensured thanks to a continuous line of life and connected with a pair of runs equipped with a shock absorber. 

Beijing Via Ferrata Development Ltd is the company managing the installations. Owners are Chinese and speaking excellent English and French! 

As long as we know, in China, you have only three Via Ferrata developed in collaboration with PRISME:
Beijing Huairou Yanshan Via Ferrata, managed by Beijing Via Ferrata Development Ltd
– Laojunshan National Park Via Ferrata in Liming
– Nangongshan Forest Park

This is an excellent destination for team building in Beijing or to have fun with your family and friends during the weekend !


How to access Yanshan Via Ferrata 燕山飞拉达?


  • Driving there:
    • Address: North Entrance, Pool & Valley Natural Park, Huairou, Beijing (北京怀柔区怀北镇天池峡谷景区北门内)
    • Directions: Jing Cheng motorway, exit 15, then G111, direction Feng Ning (京承高速15号杨雁出口,G111国道丰宁方向,过怀北滑雪场、幽谷神潭即到天池峡谷)
  • 20122837jbvx7jgg09a3izAccess with public Transportation:
    • Take BUS 916 at Dong Zhi Men Bus Station, destination Huai Rou Jing Cheng (Beijing to Chengde) Express Way Jingcheng, Departure every 30 min (about 1 hour trip) 
    • Arrived in Huairou City, Change of a Bus 916 from Pan Jia Yuan staion in the direction of Tang He Kou. 
    • The National Express Way Bus Will Follow G111 Till Tian Chi Xia Gu, Pool and valley Nation Park or Tianchi Canyon Forest Park) (about 30-45 min trip) 
    • Last Bus for returns to Huairou from Pool and Valley National Park at 5:00 PM.
  • Contact:


Price list 2015: 

  • Via Ferrata level 1: 100 Meters, up to 40 Meter Elevation:  100 RMB / Person (includes individual protection equipment rental: 50 RMB for 1 hour)
  • Via ferrata level 2: 900 Meters and 150 meters Meter Elevation (~ 4 Hours) : 500 RMB / Person (includes individual protection rental of 100 RMB)
  • Via Ferrata Guide: from level 2:  300 RMB / group (up to 5 persons) / 4 hours
  • Single Rope Technique (SRT) Training: (3-4 Hours) 300 RMB / Person (Including RMB 150 for 4 Hours SRT Equipment rental and Trainer Fee)
  • Single Rope Course: (Trained club Member only) Ascension (3- 4 hours) 500 RMB / Person (Including RMB 150 for 4 Hours SRT Equipment rental and Guide Fee)


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