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I finally did it! I booked a tour with Beijing Sideways to the Great Wall… and I should have done it before and more often… If you need to escape the city and feel on holiday, doing something that is not routine, this a perfect option! I was staying in Beijing for the Golden Week… crazy idea or not, I booked a tour on the Great Wall on October 1st. It allows me to confirm that promise of Beijing Sideways “hike on the Great Wall without tourist” is real, even on the worst week of the year.


If you are living in Beijing, why you should do a tour on the Great Wall with Beijing Sideways?

For those living in Beijing for years and who have been quite often to the Great Wall, you may think that reaching the Great Wall on a sidecar is just an expensive way to travel there. Getting to the Great Wall on a sidecar will not only allow you to escape eventual inconvenience of following the strict schedule of a bus with another 50 +/- people and / or getting sucked in the traffic jam on the way to the Great Wall and after an exhausting hike, or taking a train to Badaling… getting to the Great Wall with Beijing Sideways is going there following side roads. Living in China, you need to escape sometimes from the daily routine and going a tour on a sidecar really helped me to take a breath!

As soon as it’s possible, the driver will follow side roads, taking you through villages and visiting markets, stopping by when you like or to show you the scenery or to drink a tea with an old friend he meets each time he is passing by.

We reached the Great Wall through a small village, the Insider guiding us took the lunch with him and the other Chinese drivers (Chinese guys passionate of sidecars) helped to transfer the sidecar of the Insider to the arrival point. The Great Wall without a tourist is a selected portion of the Great Wall, with limited renovation, a short hike but intense.

If you are visiting Beijing,

Visiting the Great Wall without a tourist gives you a totally different experience. If you didn’t have the chance to explore rural China, getting to the Great Wall on a sidecar will give you an hint of the countryside. You will definitely see the difference between the city center and the suburbs / villages, it’s 100 km of the city center but it is hard to believe that 1 hour or 2 before, you were seating at a Starbucks or any other nice coffee in Beijing downtown. 

Recommended and approved! 

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