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This month, YCIS is sharing us their experience travelling to Huangshan… 

One cannot say they have travelled in China without having looked over the views from the internationally renowned Huangshan (黄山). Translated as the “Yellow Mountain”, Huangshan is a mountainous range located in Anhui Province in Eastern China and is famous for its scenic views, granite peaks, bamboo forests, and the rich cultural heritage of its surrounding villages. YCIS Beijing students recently visited this stunning location during one of their Experiencing China trips, putting together an insider’s three step guide for the more adventurous traveler interested in exploring real China. Step One: Hit the Streets!
The Journey from Beijing to Huangshan city takes approximately 6 hours, and as soon as you arrive you won’t want to miss the opportunity to do some quick souvenir shopping as well as sample the mouth-watering local street food!

01YCIS Beijing students unanimously agreed that there is only one place you should visit if you’re hungry: the historic Tunxi Laojie (屯溪老街)! Huangshan and, indeed all of the surrounding Anhui province, is well known for its delicious and delectable dishes. The bright and colourful Tunxi Laojie is the perfect place to sample such culinary delights regardless of your budget. From Chop Suey to Imperial Goose to Egg Dumplings, even the pickiest of eaters will find something to tickle their tastebuds. A few Secondary School students were even brave enough to try the region’s famous Stinky Tofu!

Step Two: Connect with the Culture
Living in a bustling modern city like Beijing, it is easy to forget the rich traditional culture that still thrives in China. When traveling in Huangshan, take this rare opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture.

03YCIS Beijing students recommend visiting one of the many Green Tea farms to learn about the history, production methods, and cultural significance behind China’s favourite beverage. After taking part in a traditional tea ceremony and feeling your cares washed away, why not put your Chinese language skills to the test and take part in a traditional calligraphy workshop. Learn everything you need to know to become a calligraphy master, from assembling a brush using sheep’s wool to practicing the bold yet precise brush strokes of this ancient Chinese art form.


Step Three: Bamboo, Bicycles, and Cable Cars!
You have tried the food and immersed yourself in Chinese Culture, There’s only one thing left to do: it’s time stand atop the Huangshan summit!

02Luckily, Huangshan has a convenient cable car service that allows you to reach the summit in style. Stand on top of the world, have a picnic, and take some selfies; you’ve reached the top of the world! For those wanting a bit more of a challenge, YCIS Beijing students recommend hiking through the mountains and travel through the awe-inspiring Huangshan bamboo forests. Year 9 student Ilaria Dennis recounts the experience as “pretty exhausting, but the view was absolutely amazing!” Within the “Bamboo Sea”, students were able take back souvenirs in the form of freshly cut bamboo stalks which they were also taught how to carve themselves. Follow this up with a relaxing bike ride through the local villages and further sampling of local cuisine. Follow this guide and you’ll have truly experienced the real China.

These Three Steps to Experiencing Huangshan were brought to by the Yew Chung International School of Beijing and their Experiencing China Trips. More than just school trips, Experiencing China trips help to broaden students’ understanding of their host country and lead to increased cultural respect, helping them develop a sense of purpose and perspective in their own lives. Although YCIS students study Chinese language in class every day, real language and cultural experiences are essential to reinforce a well-rounded education.


Article provided by YCIS Marketing Officer, Rodney

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