Where to find baby and child-specific products in Beijing?


If moving to China with the whole family is a challenge for anyone, moving to Beijing with a newborn kid is even more challenging. What should bring from your home country (either because it is cheaper either because the risk of buying counterfeit goods exists)? Where to buy baby stuffs in Beijing if you didn’t bring from home? Where to find baby and child-specific products in Beijing?

We will try to provide some basic information regarding all baby and child specific products in this article. We will focus on imported brands.


Baby stuffs


Infant milk / formula

Bringing from overseas is a good choice because it will be cheaper and safer. For those who don’t have enough stock or need to buy in China, there is always the option to buy from someone who bought from overseas. You can also buy imported brands.

Since 2015, the government has tightened the regulation: The new Food Safety Law includes specific provisions dedicated to baby formula:

  • It is forbidden to import in bulk and then repackage baby-formula.
  • Baby-formula should be already imported in its minimum retail package – with a Chinese label directly printed (not pasted) on the package.
  • Baby formula should be imported with at least a 3 month shelf-life from custom clearance.
  • Baby formula producers can’t sell different brands from the same formula (it targets mostly domestic producers mostly (up to 30 brands per producer!) rather than foreigners.
  • CFDA registration is required for baby formula (for both domestic and imported).

We recommend you to contact the brand (through their website) to know the name of the authorized reseller in your area. You can also buy from their official store (website, JD or Taobao brand’s official account).

Buy infant formula milk powder in BeijingExamples of overseas brands of Infant milk powders / formulas available in China: BabyBio (France), Enfamil, Gerber (USA), Hollander (Holland), Nactalia (France), Deumil (Germany), Topfer (Germany), Nutrilon (Holland), HIPP (Germany). Hero (Holland), Baby’s Only (USA), Karicare (New Zealand), Bellamy’s (Australia), Cow & Gate (UK), Friso (Holland), Eko Baby (Holland), Arla (Denmark), Gallia (France)… 

To know more about each brand product range, follow the link by clicking on the brand name.

Leave us a comment below or send email at info@scout-realestate.com if you are looking for another brand as we only shared a sample of all the imported Infant milk powders and formulas you can buy in China.
We can also help SRE customers for the online purchase process – ask our After-Sales Service!

Food supplements, vitamins

Both pregnant mother and baby will use food supplements and vitamins. You will find some brands from International Hospitals. Best is to buy from home…

Infant and todler food

imagesDairy products, organic cereals, biscuit, juice, vegetable and fruits purees / mud / jars… Many mother will prefer to buy imported ready-meals for their babies, as it is difficult to find organic fresh fruits and vegetables in China that really meet organic standards (indeed, in spite of good culture practices, China soil and water are often heavily polluted). 

Because Western diet and Chinese diet and taste are different, foreign brands are not expanding very fast in this segment. As far as we know, only a few brands are available with sometimes limited product range. Most products are organic.

Some brands, like HIPP, offer their customers to trace products: visit their website and enter your lot number. We recommend anyway again to contact the brand (through their website) to know the name of the authorized reseller in your area. You’d better buying from their official store (website, JD or Taobao brand’s official account).

Any other suggestion? please leave a comment or send email at info@scout-realestate.comTo know more about each brand product range, follow the link by clicking on the brand name.

Brand Fruit jar
& juices
Meat jar Fish jar Dessert Biscuits 
& cereals
HERO Jar Yes Yes Yes Yes Cereals
MELLIN Jar Yes Yes Yes No No
BABYBIO Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
HIPP Yes Yes No Yes No Cereals
HOLLE Jar No No No No Yes
MIRUTA Jar Yes Yes No No Yes
NAMYANG Juice No No No No No
NINOLAC No No No No No Cereals
GERBER Jar Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DUMEX No No No Yes No No
TOPFER No No No No No Cereals
DREMZ Jar No No No Yes No
IKIDS Jar Yes Yes Yes No Yes
BIOFAMILIA No No No No No Cereals
HAPPYBABY Jar Jar No No Yes No
POMMETTE Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
BEBIVITA Yes No No No No Yes

Table updated on February 17th.


baby-diapers-1024x683Brands like Pampers and Huggies may be more expensive than in other countries (as you have to add transportation + 12% import tax).

There is a large choice of diapers (imported / locally produced) in China, but it is quite expensive. For those who come to China with a container, many will make the choice to add diapers to their stuffs. 

You can find imported diapers brands in China, like Pommette (France), Pigeon (Japan), Merries (Japan), Pampers …


Baby care

BEHIND-THE-LABEL-1024x766Baby towels, bath toys, pacifiers, toddler weaning spoons, toddler meal sets, toddler spout cups, feeding bottles / baby bottles, milk powder dispenser, electric steam steriliser, baby training toilets, breast feeding covers,  breast pump, breast pad, nursing pillow, baby bedding, teethers, baby shampoo, baby bath gel, skin lotion, talcum powder, baby laundry detergent, baby car seats, baby stroller, baby playard…

There is a large choice of brands, imported and local, either online or in physical stores. 


Leave us a comment below or send email at info@scout-realestate.com if you can’t find your favorite brand. We have access to a database and we can help you! 


Online retailers and physical stores

Besides general online platforms like Taobao, JD.com, Mei.com, Amazon.cn … you have online platforms selling exclusively baby stuffs (food, milk, diapers, baby care products):

  • OkBabyChina (you can buy from JD or Taobao and check if the product is authentic from their website)
  • NihaoBaby in English
  • BabyInternational in English
  • MotherCare in English
  • CountingSheep: Beijing based, online shop as well as 2 physical stores
  • BabyGro in English
  • Mia in Chinese
  • Xiaomabao in Chinese, selling brands like Merries, HIPP, Bebivita, Aptamil, Happybellies, Nutrilon, Sanosan, Avent, 
  • ITTMom in Chinese, selling brands like Pigeon, Biolane, Dr Browns, Merries, Nuby, Graco, Peg-Perego
  • Langtao in Chinese, selling brands like Babyganics, Lollacup, Innobaby, Pura Kiki, Goumi Kids…
  • KidsLand in Chinese, selling brands like Lego, Chicco, Aprica, Babymoov, Brio, Siku, Maxi-Cosi, Schleich, Silverlit… 
  • Ibaby in Chinese, selling brands like Bebecar, I-Mummy, Cam, Mima

In Beijing, some shopping malls have dedicated child products area:

  • Solanabeijing-solana-1 on the northwest side of Chaoyang Park (Pediped, Jacadi, H&M, Gap Kids, FlossFlakes, Toys R Us, GYMBOREE…)
  • Indigo Mall in Lido (Countingsheep, Sergent Major, Rookie, MotherCare, Micro…)
  • The Place (Obaidi, Chicco)
  • Baby International (Ground Floor, Chateau Regency, Jiangtai Road No. 2 – Phone: 010 – 84501189)
  • Mothercare: 10 branches in Solana, Chaoyang Joy City, Wangfujing, Indigo shopping malls
  • Countingsheep:
    • 17 Gongti Bei Lu (across from Worker’s Stadium North Gate – Phone: 010-6417-7622)
    •  Indigo Mall L3-38 No. 18 Jiuxianqiao Road Chaoyang District – Phone: 010-8420-045

For furniture and bedding, Ikea is often a good option.


Useful resources

  • Beijing Mamas Yahoo Group: English speaking group in which Beijing Mamas / Parents can share resources and ask questions. Topics cover children from all ages, parenting questions, recommendations, playgroup meetings, birth, breastfeeding, pregnancy, hospitals and birth info, school concerns… You can also find second hand baby stuffs. 
  • Bumps2babes: Beijing Bumps2Babes is a network of English speaking mums. Founded in 2013, over 100 participants have regular group meetings around Beijing.Volunteer organize activities / meetings or Bumps2Babes Playgroups for mums, bumps, babes and families. Different groups depending on the age of the babies: gym group on Mondays, groups for babies not yet walking and living around Park Apartment 天安豪园 on Tuesdays… 
    Also group buying options for baby stuffs
    To subscribe to their newsletter or learn more about their activities: beijingbumps2babes@gmail.com
  • Having a baby in China: Blog edited by a couple of expatriates who used to live in China from 2004-2011.
  • Beijing Kids magazine and website:


You find missing information in our article? Your comments / experience sharing will be most appreciated!


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The Baby Food Market in China: a valuable Industry

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