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Since you have already created your Wechat wallet, you can now enjoy many services offered by virtual personal assistants or concierges on Wechat. They basically all offer the same type of services… tell us your best experience!



Laiye is a Beijing based and registered company . Their  objective is to make your life easier in Beijing, but also Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The service is in English, and this is where the virtual personal assistant makes full sense for expatriates who can’t speak Chinese (yet)! The service is available from 9:00 AM till 10:00 PM

Phone: 40000LAIYE(4000052493)
Company: 北京来也网络科技有限公司
Address: 北京市盈都大厦C 座4单元16C
WeChat: zhulilaiye

What can you ask to Laiye?

  • Book: taxi, air tickets, train tickets, hotels,
  • Order: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, supper / diner, fresh food, drugs late at night, laundry services, movie or theater tickets
  • Make express delivery, send flowers to you love 
  • Set appointment for cleaning, maintenance… at home or for manicure, massage
  • Set reminders
  • Order translation work
  • Buy something on Chinese e-commerce platforms (taobao, JD, mei) in case you can’t manage them

How to use Laiye?

qr_codeAfter talking with with Genius222, the company is currently developing an APP, but you can already benefit from the services of your virtual concierge, using the Laiye Wechat account (scan the QR code to access it). 

I tried the service to buy something on Taobao, and here you have the screen shoots of the conservation I had with Genius. They help you for FREE to buy something on Taobao and then can even ask the fapio in case the reseller is able to provide it!
Once you transfer the amount with your Wechat wallet, they will order the goods on Taoabo! 



Wechat secretary

wechat secretaryWechat Secretary can help you to order drinking water, open Alipay accounts, order items on Taobao, and even accompany you to the hospital if you’re sick. WeChat Secretary will take a 0% – 5% service fee with a 5 RMB minimum charge for the trouble.

Available in Beijing, Shanghai.

Address: 209 Yuanlao Hutong, #401 , Beijing, China
Mobile: 15011016934
wechat: we-secretary

XiaoIce 微軟小冰

chatbot-720The Microsoft Wechat virtual personal assistant! All in Chinese so far unfortunately! 20 million users for this virtual assistant which is much more developed that any other virtual concierge. You can upload pictures and the assistant will make some comments, like a real person, according to this New York Times article. Feeling depressed or with broken heart, you will feel better after chatting with XiaoIce, thanks to her/his great listening skills, sense of humor…

XiaoIce is designed to remember previous conversations and can refer to it. 


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