Beijing Organic Farms 2015 Update



Organic food is increasingly popular in China and therefore the offer is constantly improving. Here is an update of where or how you can buy organic food in Beijing. Most supermarkets including April Gourmet, Ito Yokado, Jenny Lou, Jenny Wang, Carrefour, and more have organic products in their offering. 

China has different signs in use to identify certified organic foods:

Options for buy organic food in Beijing:

  • Beijing Organic Farmers Market
    • Website:
    • How to buy?
      • market is held two to three times per week in different locations.
    • Email:
  • Beijing Organic and Beyond Corporation (OABC)
    • BOBCAvailable products: Organic Vegetables, Organic Fruits, Organic Grains, Organic Eggs
    • Website:
    • How to buy?
      1. Farm visiting
      2. Home delivery
    • Email:
    • Phone number: 8441 7580
  • Farm to Neighbors 从农场到邻居
    • Available products: Organic vegetables, whole grains and rice, fruits, farm land pasture-raised meats, eggs, mushrooms, Tibetan yoghurt, muesli, French Cheese, jams, rice wine, sourdough bread, honey, organic juices… 
    • Website:
    • How to buy?
      • every Sunday from 11AM to 5PM in  4Corners Restaurant Bar, other locations 
  • Green Cow Farm  绿牛有机农庄
    • Available products: salad, seasonally grown vegetables, and wholesome foods, organic meat (pork, chicken, beef)
    • green cow farmWebsite:
    • How to buy?
      • Visit farm: Dongkezhuang Village North, Houshayuzhen, Shunyi, Beijing 北京, 蕫各庒后沙峪
      • Get a weekly basket delivered to your home (more details:
    • Email:
    • Phone number: 6435-9561 or 136-0123-0321
  • Tootoo Organic Farm  沱沱工社
    • tootooAvailable products: wide range of products, check website
    • Website:
    • How to buy?
      • On-line: website available in English
      • Visit Farm:  Beijing’s Pinggu
    • Phone number: 6589 9833
  • De Run Wu Organic & Natural  德润屋
    • Available products: wide range
    • WebsitDeRUNe:
    • How to buy?
      • Visit Farm: book in advance ( Strawberry Fields, Xinzhuang, Xingshou Town, Changping District)
      • Home delivery (online purchase): Minimum Delivery Amount 80 yuan (Minimum order is ¥ 80)
    • Phone number: 8459-0809; 153 -0002-8686 ; 139 1189 3712 (English)
    • Email:
  • Little Donkey 小毛驴市民农园
    • little donkey farmAvailable products: vegetables mostly
    • Website:
    • How to buy?
      • Visit Farm: Houshajian Village
      • Delivery
    • Phone number: 138 1095 6036
    • Email:
  • Green Yard Farm 北京归原生态农业发展有限公司
    • green yardAvailable products: milk, yoghurts
    • Website:
    • How to buy?
      • visit farm: 北京市延庆县康庄镇
      • Beijing supermarkets
    • Phone number: 65033949
    • Email:
  • Lohao 
    • lohao cityWebsite:
    • How to buy?
      • Online or through phone (400-888-5527)
      • Physical stores: Lohao Pinnacle Plaza (Shunyi)
  • Phoenix commune:
    • Website:
    • phoenixHow to buy?
      • Beijing Organic Farmers Market
      • Visit farm: Beijing Haidian District, Phoenix Ridge Road (
    • Email:
  • Epermarket
    • epermarketOrganic / healthy supermarket online, not only food but also body care, … 
    • Website:
    • Available in English, French, German and Chinese, buy online and get delivered to your home
    • Founded by a French national, the platform first expanded in Shanghai and it is now available in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen
    • Hotline: 400-776-0776
    • Email:
  • Benlai
    • benlaiAvailable products: meat, vegetables, fish, dairy products… 
    • Website: on in Chinese
    • How to buy? Online only
    • Phone number: 4008-000-917
  • Fendi
    • FendiWebsite: (only Chinese)
    • How to buy?
      • Home delivery: deliveries organized by districts in Beijing, according to a schedule available from their website, minimum order 200 RMB
      • Visit farm: Shunyi (北京顺义区北务镇林上村进村路8号)
    • Phone number: 57799306
    • Email:

  • Organic Farm

    • Website:
    • Organic FarmHow to buy?
      • Online: subscription from 500 (2 times) to 20 000 (96 times) RMB (

  • UULive

    • UULIVEWebsite only:
    • Purchase online (Chinese only)



SCOUT wishes you a happy organic shopping, for a healthy living in your apartment in Beijing!


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