Top apartment compounds in Sanlitun, Dongzhimen and Gongti


In the east of Beijing, a place that has been transformed in a showcase of modern China. This is a place with restaurants, cafes, bars, trendy venues and nice places to live in Beijing. This is the reason why many expats want to live there, with the feeling to be in the core of the modern Beijing.


Not far from it, the Worker’s stadium with many nightclubs. To live there makes everything more simple if you want to move around in Beijing, you’ll be close to all the business hubs in the east of Beijing, and from Dongzhimen you have a gate to access the historical quarter of Beijing. Supermarkets, Jenny Lou’s, international groceries, the large Raffles City in Dongzhimen you have everything at hand. The drawback could be traffic jams, the fact that you are not in a very traditional Beijing. It depends on your expectations and what kind of place you want to live in China. Some diplomats want to live there since some embassies are still located in Sanlitun, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Switezerland, Australia, Norway, Marocco


The apartments there are of a good standing with expensive rents. You have some schools in the neighborhood, the British School of Beijing, the French School, the Ivy Academy. There is some hospitals there as well since the area is central with a good standard : Joinway Dental Clinic, Hing Kong International Clinic, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing International SOS Clinic.


There is a vast list of compounds in this area, organized in various neighborhoods, Sanlitun, Gongti, Dongzhimen, Dongshisitiao. Some of them are among the most luxury compounds in Beijing, some otehrs are more affordable.



  • Grand Moma
  • Moma
  • Pop Moma
  • Megahalleast
  • Taiyuan DRC
  • Naga
  • Oriental Kenzo
  • Gemini Grove
  • Beijing SOHO Residence
  • Tunsanli
  • Shimao Gong San
  • East Avenue Apartment
  • Shoukai Bojun
  • Seasons Park
  • International Wonderland
  • Glory Garden
  • Sun City
  • Lian Bao Garden
  • Just Make
  • Xing Fu Cun
  • East Gate Plaza
  • Regent Land
  • Beijing Hermit
  • Jumong Garden
  • N. 3 Gongti Apartment
  • Guangcai International Mansion
  • Sanlitun SOHO
  • Centrium Residece
  • Taiyue Heights
  • Chateau Edimburgh
  • Kangbao apartment
  • DRC Sanlitun


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