Apartments in Beijing: best compounds with floor heating systems


  Among the criteria that you can take into consideration to choose an apartment in Beijing, the heating system can be relevant. This is certainly not the most important thing you have to consider when looking for an apartment, but this type of heating system has several advantages:

usually cheaper than other types of heating systems: there is several type of floor heating system, using city gas, electricity, the water system, they are usually cheaper than other heating systems in use in Beijing, because:

more efficient than the other type of heating:  this is a soft way to heat an apartment, the modern systems using water or gas give a very progressive and efficient heating; there is no use in very strong heating since this is more equally spread within the apartment,

nicer sensation: the heat is equally spread in the rooms instead of coming from a corner, this is a pleasant feeling; the temperature can be slighlty colder with a same feeling of warmth compared with classical heating systems; Still, be aware that some radiators can be more efficient than floor heating, progress is being made. If you are interested in the question, ou can ask our agents about this.

more space in the room, you have no heating item on a wall or in a corner of the apartment

no dust caused by the heating system (this is especially an advantage in Beijing, you don’t need additional dust in this city). – no need of special maintenance   There is a couple of drawbacks: the heating time is a bit longer, it can be an inconvenient if you have an irregular schedule, items on the ground (such as carpets or large sofas) can be an obstacle to the heating system.  

Here is a list of compounds in Beijing that benefit from floor heating systems:

If any of these compounds correspond for any other reason (location, price range, layout, design, convenience) to what you are looking for in Beijing, this might be a nice choice to add the pleasure of floor heating.    

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