27th August 2015: China eases property investment rules for foreigners!


From August 27th 2015, the time when foreigners had to fulfil strict requirements to buy a property in China is over… at least for a while! This decision of the Central Government is an attempt to keep capital in the country. 

Actually this decision comes after the real estate golden age in China: since late 2013, rents are not any more rising and property prices remain stable if not decrease, due to excess supply in both residential and commercial properties. Besides foreigner investors are also concerned about the Chinese currency fluctuation and government actions to strengthen it. 

Will this decision boost the foreign investments in real estate properties in China? Real Estate experts don’t think so

Rules for foreign property investment before 27th August 2015 (and since 2006)

  1. 417938to have worked (under Z visa)  or studied in China for one year or more (individuals) OR to have operated in China for one year or more (foreign-invested companies).
  2.  foreigners could only acquire one property in China – at least in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen
  3. foreigners could only purchase property for personal use: foreign individuals couldn’t rent their property and foreign companies  couldn’t make any commercial use of it.
  4. for companies needing to apply for a loan (either domestic or overseas) in order to purchase real estate in China, they required to  have paid up their registered capital entirely; and to invest in projects over USD ten million, foreign-invested real estate companies were required to have a paid-up registered capital equal to at least fifty percent (50%) of their total investment.

New rules for foreign property investment from August 27th 2015

  1. Apartment towers are seen in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen August 28, 2015.   REUTERS/Bobby Yipforeign investors (individuals and companies) are now allowed to buy real estate properties regardless of how long they spent or carried on business in PRC;
  2. Local housing purchase limit set for the area: foreigners can buy as many properties as they want in some regions (not applicable to Shanghai and Beijing as far as we know: only 1 property). 
  3. Use: only for own use (no renting)
  4. Loan relaxation: companies applying for a real-estate loan are no longer required to have entirely paid-up their registered capital; 
  5. foreign investors are no longer required to pay registration fees when applying for domestic and foreign loans to finance property investment in the country, or when settling foreign exchange transactions. 
  6. foreign-invested real estate companies are required to  have a registered capital representing 40% of their total investment for projects of between USD ten million and USD thirty million, and 30% of their total investment for projects over USD thirty million.


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