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Where are the highest per capita income in China ? China has undergone 30 years of amazingly rapid growth. The figures here are those of 2012, but they give an idea on how China has developed itself, where is its middle class. Where are the market opportunities, where are the richest Chinese people. A lot of this is answered by the question : where is the highest per caita disposable income.


Ok, let’s have a look :


  1. Shanghai City

Per capita disposable income : 40,183 yuan
Gross domestic product 2,010 billion yuan

  1. Beijing City

Per capita disposable income : 36,468 yuan
Gross domestic product 1,780 billion yuan

  1. Zhejiang

Per capita disposable income : 35,550 yuan
Gross domestic product 3,460 billion yuan

  1. Guangdong

Per capita disposable income : 30,226 yuan
Gross domestic product 5,706 billion yuan

  1. Jiangsu

Per capita disposable income : 29,677 yuan
Gross domestic product 5,405 billion yuan

  1. Tianjin City

Per capita disposable income : 29,626 yuan
Gross domestic product 1,288 billion yuan

  1. Fujian

Per capita disposable income : 28,005 yuan
Gross domestic product 1,970 billion yuan

  1. Shandong

Per capita disposable income : 25,755 yuan
Gross domestic product 5,001 billion yuan

  1. Liaoning Province

Per capita disposable income : 23,222 yuan
Gross domestic product 2,480 billion yuan

  1. Inner Mongolia

Per capita disposable income : 23,000 yuan
Gross domestic product 1,598 billion yuan

There is no big surprise in this top 10, the richest regions and the more disposable income is in the east of China, you can take all the area that have access to the Pacific Ocean and you know that you are in the Top 10 area of China. This ranking leaves larege areas of Sichua behing, with no mentio of Chongqing and Chengdu.

Of course, Tier I cities, Shanghai and Beijing are in the top list. The challenge of China in the upcoming years is to develop the west of China, where lies huge potential for growth. The thing is that growth is still more important in the east than in the west so tha the inequalities are growing.

The Pacific front os now one of the richest areas in the world, facing the US west coast, another of the richest areas in the world. It seems a lot is happening about the Pacific Ocean.


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