Bakery and cake shops in Beijing

Chinese people eat more and more bread

Chinese people eat more and more bread, especially in urban areas, rising the average bread consumption per inhabitant from 2.2 kg / inhabitant / year in 2010 to 5 kg in 2015. Young people, white collars and kids appreciate bread while older people still consider bread as foreign food and would only occasionally eat. This is an excellent news for Expatriates, who usually come from countries where bread consumption is much higher: it should be easier and easier to find baked goods in China… and we can also expect the quality to improve!

The Chinese baked goods market

Chinese kid eating breadChinese people usually prefer soft bread (the recipe includes fat and sugar, which gives soft texture, like a brioche), but are more and more open to European breads with hard crust and / or grains & seeds, as well as wholegrain flours. This could be explained by the fact that more and more Chinese people are travelling abroad, getting exposed to different types of breads (Europe, but also Japan and Taiwan, where European breads are widely accepted by the population).

Bread is also considered as an alternative to quick meals for Chinese people: breads can replace the traditional youtiao and the mantou eaten at breakfast and sandwiches are much easier to eat than a bowl of noddles for Chinese office workers.

As regarding cakes, the Chinese traditional cake is full of cream (too often non-dairy cream), colors and if the design / appearance is usually incredible (not saying attractive for Western people), the taste is seldom wonderful. However, again, products offered in the market gradually evolve and we can find fair quality from some recognized cake shops. More and more imported ingredients are available, allowing Chinese cake factories to produce Tiramisu with an authentic mascarpone or good quality chocolate.

Where to buy bread and cakes in Beijing?

chinese_symbols_for_bread_8124_2_13You can find breads in most convenience stores (7-11 for example), local supermarkets (Jingkelong, Wu-mart ….) and imported goods supermarkets (Jenny Lou, Jenny Wang, April Gourmet…) and hypermarkets (Carrefour, Walmart, Metro…).

Industrial breads / packed breads are produced by large industries, like Mankattan or Bimbo for example. The quality is more or less equivalent to what you can find back in your home country.
Supermarkets and hypermarkets usually have a bakery section with variable quality depending on the branch and on the brand.

For those looking for freshly baked breads and cakes, like you can find back in your home country, it is easier and easier to find good quality breads in Beijing – even the market is not yet as developed as Shanghai. Here is a list of bakery shops available in Beijing.

English nameAreaTypeContact details
Opera BombanaChaoyangBakery / restaurantAdd: LG2-21 Parkview Green Fang Cao Di, 9 Dongdaqiao Road
东大桥路9号 Parkview Green芳草地 地下二层21号单元
Phone: 5690 7177
Lollipop BakerySanlitunBritish BakerySold in Crepanini shops
WagasChaoyangCasual diningMany locations in Beijing
FlourChaoyangDessert shopPhone: 5785 3060
Sweet ToothDongchengDessert shopAdd: 18 Xinzhong Jie
东城区 新中街18号
Phone: 15011217173
Colibri Coffee
SanlitunDessert shopAdd: LG51, Taikoo Li North, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District
Phone: 6417 0808
Auntie Jane's Bakery & CaféShunyiDessert shopAdd: 3 locations (Shunyi, 798, east 3rd ring)
Phone: 6458 1368
Euro Bakery
ShunyiEuropean bakeryAdd: 18 Jinma Industry Zone, Shunyi District
Phone: 6949 1450
阳光海伦蛋糕店ShunyiEuropean bakeryAdd: Shùnyì Qū Tiānzhú Kāifāqū Rì Xiáng Guǎngchǎng 806 Hào
Phone: 8046 1190
Boulangerie Bruno
European bakeryAdd: 2 locations in Beijing (Beichen and Yau Tang)
Phone: 13366777506
Amandine BakeryChaoyangFrench Bakery2 locations: French Embassy and French Institute
ChaoyangFrench BakeryAdd: 6 Chaowai Street, Central Park, Tower 20, #102
北京朝阳区,朝阳外大街6号 新城国际20号楼102底墒
Phone: 6597 0724
Comptoirs de France
French BakeryMany locations in Beijing
Michaels German BakeryChaoyangGerman BakeryChaoyang District Laiguangying East Road No 8 - 1
South German Bakery
German BakeryAdd: 北京市朝阳区朝阳公园路1-24号
Phone: 5867 0201
Kempi Deli
ChaoyangHotel BakeryAdd: 1/f Kempinski Hotel,Chaoyang District
朝阳区亮马桥路50号, 100125 北京
Phone: 6465 3388
The Sweet Spot
ChaoyangHotel BakeryAdd: EB118, B1/F, China World Mall, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie
Phone: 6505 0885
The Swiss DeliDongchengHotel BakeryAdd: 1/F Swissotel, 2 Chaoyangmen Bei Dajie
Phone: 6553 2288 ext. 2127
Da Giuliano Pasticceria PanetteriaChaoyangItalian BakeryAdd: 三里屯北小街1号 (东直门外大街), 朝阳区
Phone: 8454 4402
ChaoyangJapanese BakeryAdd: Central Park 世贸天街新城国际
Store 21-22, Bldg 12, Central Park, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District
朝阳区 朝阳门外大街6号新城国际12号楼21-22号
Phone: 6533 6605
Bread of life BakeryNon profit organization, deliveryLangfang
21 cake
ChaoyangOnline ordering (cakes)400 650 2121
Divina CakesChaoyangOnline ordering (cakes)400-656-1128
Pantry's BestChaoyangOnline ordering (cakes)5166 4464
Waffle Boy
ChaoyangOnline ordering (cakes)
Fat Bunny BakeryOnline ordering (cakes)
Boulangerie Nanda
ChaoyangOrganic BakeryAdd: Xiang Jiang Bei Lu, Cathay View Garden
Phone: 8459 0134
Black Swan Luxury Cakes
Cake shopMany locations in Beijing
85CAsian bakeryMany locations in Beijing
Bread TalkAsian bakeryMany locations in Beijing
Asian bakeryMany locations in Beijing
Paris Baguette
Asian bakeryMany locations in Beijing
Toast Box
Asian bakeryMany locations in Beijing
Tous les Jours
Asian bakeryMany locations in Beijing
Wedome Bakery
Asian bakeryMany locations in Beijing


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