INN Beijing: International Newcomer’s Network


On Monday 31st August 2015, INN Beijing held its 2015 Welcome Event at Capital Club Athletic Center, Capital Mansion. This is one of the biggest event for newcomers to Beijing. An opportunity for SCOUT to introduce this organization, as well as The French Connection.

INN is a non-profit organization established by a group of expatriates living in Beijing back in 1994. They aim at helping expatriates to settle in Beijing for all challenges linked to their arrival in Beijing: cultural adjustment, transportation, shopping, food and water safety, security…  This group is only opened to foreign passport holders. INN is working in collaboration with other organizations such as charity organizations, approved social groups, and non-profit sports clubs and groups. 

INN organizes events such as morning coffee, trekking, night out, gathering and social events… They support number of charity organizations, including Round About. For additional information, please visit INN Beijing Website: 

The French Connection is a group of selected enterprises offering services to expatriates and their families. These services centre on basic needs and leisure activities. All the companies labelled “The French Connection” aim at excellence in quality of service and share a boutique approach to customer service. The INN event was really a good fit for promoting The French Connection companies members and introducing an original and collaborative communication strategy to the expat community.

SCOUT Real Estate is part of The French Connection group:

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