Tax refunds on shopping in China for overseas tourists



Tax refunds on shopping in China for overseas tourists (and not for foreigners living in Beijing). Since July 2015, tourists visiting Shanghai and Beijing can claim for tax refund when they purchase souvenirs, silk, porcelain and traditional Chinese medicine products but also clothing, watches, jewelry, electronics. The objective is to boost tourism. 

The tax refunds applies to tourists from overseas, as well as those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who have lived on the Chinese mainland for no more than 183 days: they will be able to get 11 percent rebate on consumer goods bought at designated stores

The program works only in qualified stores. To obtain a tax refund, the person should purchase for a minimum of 500 RMB in one store in one dayThe goods purchased should not have been used or consumed. Valid only if the purchase is less than 90 days from departure date. The goods claimed for VAT refund will be carried by overseas travelers or transported with their luggage.

This information is interesting for family members and friends visiting expatriates in Beijing (or tourists visiting Beijing). 

Designated stores for tax refunds in Beijing

Designated Tax Free shops are Commercial enterprises which meet five requirements including (1) being a general taxpayer, (2) having a tax credit rating of level B or above (3) having applied to be designated Tax Free shop.

You can apply for tax refunds if you visit one of these stores

  • Wangfujing Department Store
  • Beijing New World Center Shopping Mall
  • Beijing’s Junefield SOGO Department Store
  • Yansha Outlets
  • Huayuan Shopping Center (Xidan)
  • Grand Pacific Mall (Xidan)
  • Hanguang Shopping Mall (Xidan)
  • Beijing Capital Airport T3
  • Silk market
  • designated stores in Chang’an Avenue
  • designated stores in Hongqiao Pearl Market
  • Galeries Lafayette Beijing (Xidan)






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