Top 5 reliable Car rental companies in Beijing

Renting a car in Beijing can be very convenient for business or leisure purposes. As a foreigner, getting a valid Driver’s license in China means a lot of red tape, so you might prefer to hire a professionnal driver.


Here are 5 companies with their adresses in Beijing if you are in need of a car:


1. AVIS Car Rental (Avis租车) ★★★★★

Avis China-Anji Car Rental & Leasing Co Ltd, is a joint-venture between SAISC and Avis Europe. The company proposes Car Rental services and covers 11 Chinese cities.

Avis Car Rental (Sanlitun)


Sanlitun Village, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Tel : 18810228781


2. eHi Car Service (一嗨租车) ★★★★★

eHi Car Service Co.Ltd is a Chinese Car Rental company. The range of proposed services is really wide, you can rent a self-drive car or hire a driver. eHi has developed itself a lot during the past few years and has been ranked among the best Car rental services in China in the Chinese reference Magazine for Automobile ( 汽车杂志) since 2010.

eHi Car Service (Xicheng district)


Bingyaokou Hutong No.8, Xicheng District, Beijing

Tel : (10) 8219 1729


3. China Auto Rental (神州租车) ★★★★★

China Auto Rental Inc. (CAR) has been established in 2007, its main offices are in Beijing. It is now a renowned national brand in the Car renting activity. CAR proposes a comprehensive range of services in Continental China to the business men, china expats …

China Auto Rental CBD (Guomao)


Tonghuihe Beilu, Yonganli Qiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel: 400-616-6666 (24h/24h)


4. Beijing North Star Car Rental Company (北京北辰汽车租赁) ★★★★

Beijing North Star Car Rental company is a State-owned company. It possesses now several thousand of vehicles of all types. This is one of the largest Car Rental company in China and offers a large range of services: cars with drivers to get to the airport, to attend a meeting, weddings, long duration rentals for the holidays…

Beijing North Star Car Rental Company (Wangjing)


1/F, Bldg F, Wangjing Building, 1A Futong Dongdajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel & l’heure d’ouverture : 010 + 6475 2516 8am-6pm


5. Beijing Central Chauffeur (北京汽车租赁) ★★★★

Beijing Central Chauffeur (BCC) is a Beijing Car rental company. It has essentially specialized its activities on Car rental with chauffeurs and limousines rentals.

Beijing Central Chauffer (Haidian)

中国北京市海淀区恩济庄46号,玲珑大厦,406室 100036

Room 406, Ling Long business building, En Ji Zhuang No.46, 
Haidian District, Beijing 100036, China

Tel: China: (10) 6758 6625

World: +86 10 6758 6625



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