The Canadian International School of Beijing (CIS)


“Canadian education is highly regarded in the world. It is an outcomes-based system that ensures all students attain the required knowledge, skills and attitudes before graduation. Canadian education ensures that all subjects are taught by teachers trained by recognized universities, who all have classroom experience. The teachers maintain the same high standards that would be expected by the Ministry of Education in Canada. The educational programs and teaching methodologies are supported and reviewed by education officials from Canada.”

The main mission of the School is helping their student to develop their general skills and attitudes toward a future, regarding the real needs of the world in order to achieve their wills and become a sensitive citizen. Canadian education believes in a positive methodology for each student, an individual accountability, respect and dignity for everyone, teamwork and cooperation inside an organized and calmed environment.

portada coleThe CIS of Beijing is comprised of students and staff that represent 54 nationalities. This multicultural environment is what students need to pursue the Canadian bachelor in order to reach their academic aims and attend University later. Most of the students reach International Universities in Canada, United States, Argentina, Italy, United Kingdom, Norway, South Korea, Macau, Malaysia and of course in China too.

The main commitment of the Canadian School is to provide the best education as possible with excellence methods, technologies and skills through all learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom. For teachers at the CIS individual work and teamwork is important in order to make students understand the real world and teach useful subjects to be smart, clever and a citizen of the 21 century by thinking critically, investigate and becoming responsible.

How can parents apply for this School?

The CIS has all kind of information available on their website if you want to read anything or still have any doubts. Parents are allowed to visit the Centre and check how their children will study every day.

We recommend you to contact by e-mail/phone with enough time the CIS in order to check all forms you need to give and the application form you need to fill in. It would be useful to check the homepage.

The CIS is very convenient if you are living in Kings Garden, Landmark Palace, Beijing Garden, VS United Apartments, Guangming or in RRC Liangmaquiao

main hall

Main hall of the CIS



The CIS is separated in different building and floors for adapting the classrooms to students of several grades. From nursery to grade 12 we can find an excellent and friendly environment with new technologies, books, furniture and blackboards in order to provide the best lessons.

room 1

room 2

room 3



The CIS offers a high variety of sports for student of all ages and extra-curricular activities such as football, basketball, swimming, volleyball, taekwondo and other martial arts. Two gym halls are available for sport activities



swimming pool



Dance and gymnastics are also activities at CIS. Girls can enjoy ballet, yoga and gymnastic in the dance studio and another gym which serves for rhythmic gymnastics and performances.

dance studio


It has an important meaning at the CIS not only inside the music lessons equipped with new and digital instruments but also as an activity to develop the talent of their students. The School has two big auditoriums to perform and they are available for the school rock band too.

music band


music room


Students at CIS have an entire floor with specific rooms for their artistic development. We can find several rooms for painting, pottery and a lot of walls decorated with student’s artistic creations. The CIS want to show off the talent of their students to make them and their parents be happy and proud and pretend to exhibit the results of talent and effort.

arts floor

CIS 141

CIS 130

Health, safety and values

Both values are basic for the Canadian system at this school in order to have a safe environment and try to avoid problems or several incidents. The School has video cameras in mostly all floors and sport installations but also in the route shuttle buses. The entire school is clean; toilets have different sizes depending on the age of the students they are going to used them in several floors. Small soap machines are hanging infront of each classroom to care about personal hygiene.

CIS 071

CIS 069


Students are going to have lunch every day in the CIS cafeteria. This school restaurant is divided in two areas in order to give students of different ages the space they need. The cafeteria for children is perfect equipped with furniture for that age and nice advises about how to eat healthy. The cafeteria for teenagers offers Asian and European menus and is decorated with pictures of people eating vegetables and televisions.

cafe kids

cafe high school


The CIS has two different libraries: one is for small children and the other one for high school level students. The first one is decorated with more strong and nice colors and offers books for primary students. Every room is equipped with Apple Computers and tables in order to offer a good environment for teamwork.

The second library located in another floor as the first one, offers a calmed and relaxed space for high school students in order to give them a study space. The entire place has an Asian style decoration with wooden furniture and a high variety of books and daily International newspapers. Students can do their homework and teamwork projects in the Apple computers and table located at the right side of the library.

library for kids

CIS 074

CIS 073

Outdoor spaces

The CIS offers outdoor spaces surrounded with plants and flowers where students can have lunch, go for a walk and play sports like football. Small children do also have their own safe space with a kinderpark.

football 2



Other services

The Canadian School of beijing offers a lot of extra services such as a cashier inside the main hall, a snack-bar and a lot of classrooms and library spaces with modern Apple Mac Computers.


kiosk inside school

computer room

Special rooms and walls

Inside the Canadian School we can find teachers room, welcoming rooms and the trophy wall.

teachers room

Teachers’ room

welcoming room

Welcoming room

some prizes

Some trophies


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