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My name is Cory Dickson and I’m the Head of Admissions/Director of Public Relations for the Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB). We offer an internationally recognized Canadian education. Through our partnership with the government of New Brunswick, Canada, we offer a Canadian curriculum to grade levels that range from Montessori Nursery (18 months) through to Grade 12 graduation. CISB is an authorized three-program IB World School offering the IB Primary Years, IB Middle Years and IB Diploma Programs. Graduates obtain a Canadian (New Brunswick) high school diploma and have the opportunity to complete the full IB Diploma program as well.Cory Dickson
In 2016 we proudly opened our new Jianguomen DRC Kindergarten campus, offering the same great curriculum to students from Nursery (18 months) to Kindergarten (5 years old) in a beautiful new facility.
Our student body currently comprises over 1000 students from the diplomatic and expatriate communities in Beijing and represents over 60 countries. Students at CISB work with and learn from cutting-edge technology, high-quality music, language arts, mathematics, and science programs.
Complementing our academic curriculum is an extensive after-school activities program that offers students a variety of athletic, academic, artistic, cultural and community focused activities to choose from.
With over a 130 foreign staff, our qualified teachers meet the Canadian certification standards or the equivalent. The majority of our staff is recruited from Canada with a blend of teachers from 12 other countries from around the globe.

Our International School license allows us to accept families who hold foreign passports or permanent residencies in other countries.  We are not permitted to accept Chinese nationals.



Our Montessori program is delivered in our Nursery program (18 months to 3 years old).  Beginning at 3 years old, students join our IB Primary Years Program (PYP).


All of our graduating students receive the Canadian (New Brunswick) High School Diploma.  The same one I received from my high school!  Those who joined us at the beginning of grade 11 are invited to enroll in the IB Diploma Program as well. The IB Diploma Program (DP) is not required for graduation, although the majority of our students complete the full IB DP.



Moving to a new city, let alone a new culture, can be stressful.  As an International School, we see hundreds of new students join us every year, so we have great programs and lots of experience welcoming families and especially our new students into our CISB Community.  We have a peer mentoring program, guidance counselor and an experienced and attentive staff to help all new students transition into the school.

What can you say to the families who arrive in Beijing and have apprehension!

I’ve called both Beijing and CISB home for 7 years now, and still love it!  Beijing offers plenty of great cultural sites, art, food, parks and family oriented activities.  The traffic and air quality can be stressful sometimes, but there are plenty of ways to escape them in this vibrant and ever-changing city.  Be sure to go exploring as there are gems hidden all over the place.  And make sure to pick up some of the English monthly family oriented magazines that highlight everything going on in the city for families to enjoy!

You are an international school into a Chinese environment, do you help children to find their place and manage with China/Chinese?

We recognized that we were foreigners teaching foreigners and we wanted to make sure that we brought Beijing and China into our program.  We do that by offering one Mandarin class per day to students from 3 years old to grade 10.  Students are divided into different classes based on their previous Mandarin skills.  We hire local teachers to help us with this program and developed a curriculum that highlights the culture and long history of this beautiful country.


After School Activities

We have a HUGE list of after-school activities for students of all ages (the older you get, the more options are available).  We offer both paid and non-pay activity programs that include a variety of athletic, academic, artistic, cultural and community focused activities to choose from.  These change slightly from year to year but we do our best of offer as many options as we can for students to develop a range of skills beyond the classroom setting.


Bus ServicesSchool Bus

We offer busing throughout most of north-east Beijing.  We offer it by ‘zones’ depending on how far from the school you live.  The current bus stops can always be found on our website, but if you don’t see your stop there, let us know.  When we get enough students in the same area, we do our best to create a new stop!

You have a medical center at school with dentals and eye’s expert which is not really common…

We are partnered with the Beijing United Family (BJU) Hospital to offer our onsite medical services.  We have two nurses on staff everyday to help our students and staff with minor health issues.  BJU also helps us to offer annual eye exams, dental checks (we have a dental chair here too!) and health talks for our parent community.  It’s a convenient service with a great partner that we are happy to offer our CISB families.

Information Technology

Technology is an important part of our educational program and we were recently recognized with the Canadian C21 award for our use of technology in the classroom.  In our Elementary school, we have a Technology Integrator who works with our teachers and students to support effective use of technology.  The younger grades have less focus on technology but as they reach grade 4, they join our one-to-one laptop program.  Technology is used more extensively in the middle and high school grade levels.

School Canteen

We are partnered with Sodexo to offer our cafeteria service.  This includes the morning snack break and lunch program.  The food is prepared here in our onsite cafeteria and the updated menus can always be found on our website.  Students are welcomed to use this service or can bring their own lunches from home.

Tuition fees

Our tuition fees vary depending on grade levels and we offer sibling discounts for families with two or more children.  An updated and detailed list of our school fees can be found under the ‘Admissions’ tab on our website:

Address /Contacts

We are happy to welcome families for a tour any weekday from 8am to 5pm, but we strongly recommend visiting before lunch so you can see the school in action!

Canadian International School of Beijing
38 LiangMaQiao Lu, Beijing, 100125
北京市朝阳区亮马桥路38号 100125
(+86-10) 64657788

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