The Beijing Zhonguo Zun Z15 tower project in CITIC Plaza

Beijing is still in the competition for high towers of Asia. Currently the three tallest towers are the China World Trade Center III, with its 330 meters high, then the Fortune Plaza 250 meters high and “Park Tower” of the Yintai Center with its 250 meters high architecture.


This is soon to be changed, Beijing so far has not entered the new category of the super high towers, which is 600 meters. The China CITIC Plaza project, in construction close to the CCTV Tower in Beijing CBD features several towers, the tallest one, known as the Z15 Tower or Zhonguo Zun.


The architecture firm TP Farrels has presented some design models of the new tower. The Tower will have a curved elegant design and will be more than 500 meters high (528 meters as I is planned).


There will be 120 storeys, including 60 storeys of Grade A office space, 20 floors of serviced apartments, 20 foors of hotel.


The latest in sustainable technology is being used since environmental issues are the top concern in Beijing.


The Tower surface will be 300.000 square meters of space, with a maximized floor area at the top that should feature really impressive terraces woith a view on Beijing. This tower is definitively scheduled to be an iconic landmark in the future Beijing.


The project essentially led by CITIC Bank features a group of building harmoniously set together to make of the new area a nice place to live, spend time, like a safe haven inside Beijing CBD, with sustainable designs.


The hotel inside will be a 6 star hotel and high end retail will be featured in the complex.


The design has been integrated at all levels: macro and microscopic levels. The elegant curved design is thought to decrease the “wind load” of the building, which is buikt to stay in the China’s capital city and show that Beijing ca, compete with Shanghai, and will ensure maximal stabilty at the base.


There will be direct access with a subway station underneath.


The architects in charge of the project are Gavin Erasmus and Stefan Krummeck, and they insist on the context of the building, the aspirations of those who use it and sustainability.


The project was awarded to Farells in 2011 after a fierce competition of more than 60 competitors.


Some details about the consulting firms and the structural designers here.


Why the Chinese name, Zun ? It is the name os an ancient traditonnal Chinese vessel, and symbolizes common goodwill.


You can visit the place in CBD and follow the completion of Beijing’s highest tower.







A traditionnal Zun:


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