Popular compounds in Beijing for Korean people

As one of biggest trade partner of China, it is logical that a lot of people from South Korea chose to expatriate in Beijing, either to study or work. The Korean expatriate community is estimated around 100 000 people in Beijing, the largest foreign group, far from other nationalities.

Two areas are specially favored by Korean: first is Wudaokou, in the north-west, the area of universities and students, where you can find a lot of Chinese and Korean fast-food restaurants.


Korean shops in Beijing, Wangjing

The second one, the district of Wangjing, in the north-east, is developing fast and has more and more importance in Beijing as is it planned to build there a second CBD. Although Wangjing is part of administrative district of Chaoyang, it is not the city center, but it has a great advantage because it is closer to airport and to Shunyi, the area of international schools in Beijing.

For korean food lovers (BBQ, kimchi, bibimpap rice stone pot), Wangjing is the place to be: a lot of supermarkets with genuine Korean food are there, as well as many restaurants, usually better and cheaper than in other places of Beijing. The Korean International School of Beijing is located in Wangjing.

We have listed below some of the most popular compounds among Korean expatriates.


Beijing Central Palace

Beijing Central Palace

This compound in Wangjingis perfect for frequent commuters as it is located 200 meters from the airport express way. It is very close to the 798 art district and Lido area. CBD and Sanlitun can be reached in 20 minutes. The apartments are modern and the compound has a full equipped gym clubhouse.



Huading Shijia

HuadingShijia is a nice and convenient place to live for expats: situated in the Wangjing New City, south of Shunyi district, it is surrounded by many malls and shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants. Easy for daily life. The apartments have new classic western style and are fully equipped.


Upper East Side

Situated on the outer northeast 4th Ring Road, nearby Beijing Lido area, it is a good place for people working near Chaoyang Park or Liangmaqiao, where the South Korea embassy is located. This compound is part of multi-phase real estate complex, and each part has its own style. You can enjoy the several green spaces of the area. The compound has a great gym and swimming pool.


Urban Avenue

In the center of Beijing, between the 2nd and 3rd Ring Road, Urban Avenue offers comfortable apartments with classic style, a nice clubhouse with swimming pool. You can easily reach the airport express way, and the 3rd Ring Road leads you directly to Sanlitun or CBD. A lot of expatriates live in this Sanyuanqiao area.


Jiamei Fashion Center

This place offers high standard accommodation in Beijing, with all facilities around. Located in Wangjing area, it is very close to airport express way, not far from Lido and Lufthansa area. The complex is big, including two apartment buildings and one building of commerce. There is no clubhouse but the management is excellent.



Fang Xin Yuan

Located in Dongzhimen, this complex is close to many Beijing landmarks and business districts. The apartments are spacious, with high end decoration. Several sport facilities are inside the compound, including a 50 m swimming pool, tennis court and fitness center. Although its central situation, the prices are reasonable.



Beijing Hermit

Nearby the 2nd Ring Road and the CBD, south of Gongti, Beijing Hermit offers high end accommodations and quality of life, with a private park. All the apartments are well equipped. There is no clubhouse but you can easily find sport centers in the surroundings.


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