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Sports may be the first thing when thinking about extracurricular activities for children, but there all plenty of other choices to consider as extracurricular activities do a lot for child’s development: child’s self-esteem… To help your kids to find an extracurricular activity they can be passionate about – and that will not always fit to your taste, discuss with them: animals, writing, video games, sports, history, drawing, painting, sculpting, music, … 

If selecting extracurricular activities is challenging in your home country, it is even more difficult for expatriates. Here is a guide of different options of activities available in Beijing, besides those offered by international schools:

Art lessons

10422101_884831918247620_4773276207861287943_nFounded in 2012 by a team of French professionals, Atelier Art School offers high quality educational programs for kids from 3 to 15 years old: visual arts, Chinese language learning through visual arts, drawing and painting, … 

Atelier has now 2 locations in Beijing: Sanlitun and Shunyi. Good to know also:

  • Atelier organises holiday and special programs… parents who have to work during holiday may be happy to send their kids for art activities!
  • Last but not least, Atelier can also offer workshops for kids during birthdays and parties.

Atelier not only offers extracurricular activities for children but also art activities for adults: photography, visual arts (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Visual Arts, Oil Painting…), graphic design… you also unleash your talent in Beijing!

Martial arts

ILogo-NB8-300x121f places to practice sports are not difficult to find in Beijing, you may wonder where to find professionals who can teach martial arts in Beijing in English or other foreign languages. NB8 Taekwondo is a school offering fitness, dance and martial arts classes / Taekwondo, both private and in group. Classes are given by World class experts in their field and are available in different locations in Beijing. 

NB8 was founded by Master Bruno Ntep, World Cup winner, European. Champion and 6 time French Champion. The center is located at 228, 2/F, Bldg. A, Chaowai SOHO, 6 Chaoyangmen Wai Dajie.

Here again, NB8 Taekwondo doesn’t offer only classes for children but can also provide with home training and team building activities. 


French-Le-237x300Popular amongst young and less young boys, playing soccer is an activity which will allow your kid to spend energy and learn how to play as a team. French l’Equipe organises training sessions in French language for 7 to 40+ year old football fans. 

Tournaments are organised on a regular basis to compete with other international teams.  

For other languages, please check the schedule of IFFC (International Friendship Football Club): http://www.iffc1994.com/


Kindly check our article with all tennis club contact details: http://www.beijingrelocation.com/blog/tennis-courts-in-beijing/. Most of tennis clubs in Beijing will offer lessons options. 

Music lessons

Happy Music Beijing

Happy Music Beijing

Happy Music offers group music programs for children in French, Chinese and English, a good way for kids to discover music and later select eventually an instrument they want to learn.

Happy Music offers private lessons of guitar and accordion for both children and adults. Classic, folk or electric guitar lessons in French, English or Chinese! Teacher will go to your home for the lesson.


In case you or your kid already started to learn from another instrument before your arrival in Beijing, we suggest you check the offering from international schools, such as – but not exclusively – Dulwich College, ISB, Yew Chung International School… . You should be able to find piano, trombone, violin… 


Chinese lessons

tailormad-chinese-center-logoFor those in love with foreign languages, learning Chinese can fit under the extracurricular activities. Tailor Made Chinese Center offers private and group lessons for kids and adults.

Classes can be taken in their learning center or teachers can visit you at home or at your office in Beijing.


Horse riding

Most horse riding grounds are located in Beijing suburbs, something to consider when your kid will ask you for horse riding classes. Horse riding is developing fast in Beijing and you have many options:

  • $_32Equuleus International: BHS approved club. For kids and adults. Chaoyang district.
  • Sheerwood Beijing Equestrian Country Club 西坞北京马术俱乐部 (West coast of Wenyu River, Chaoyang District
    朝阳区温榆河西岸, tel: 8433 2217)
  • The Saddle Club:Wenbei Road, Sujiatuo Town, Haidian District, Beijing 海淀区苏家坨镇温北路. www.qishifengdu.com/
  • Yingshi Mahui International Equestrian 英仕马汇马术俱乐部: http://www.yingshimahui.com/. Beiqijia, North 5th Ring, Beijing 北京市北五环北七家
  • Mustang: http://www.mustang.org.cn/bqhs.aspx. Located in 北京市海淀区苏家坨镇北清马会
  • Tongzhou horse club: http://www.blymashu.com/index.asp
  • Guofa equestrian club北京国发马术俱乐部 in Shunyi (顺义区 李桥镇顺通路后桥段31号)


Note: Atelier Art School, NB8 Taekwondo, TailorMade Chinese Center, French L’Equipe and Happy Music companies are all members of The French Connection, a group of enterprises in Beijing offering premium services to expatriates and their families. 

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