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Another option for extracurricular activity we didn’t mention in our previous article: Ballet dance classes or classical dance classes.  It is highly recommended for kids between 4-5 and 14 years old. The practice of ballet dance provides many benefits such as developing physical strength and agility, coordination, concentration, understanding of music and rhythm. Ballet practice will also improve shelf awareness and physical self-control, as well as children’s mental and emotional health. It is also an excellent way to relax and use energy productively at the end of the day.

If you are an expatriate in Beijing and you have young daughter, we wouldn’t be surprised if you would tell us that they were following ballet dance classes in your home country. You may have seen the benefits of this extracurricular activity and / or your daughter may be willing to keep practising this sport in Beijing: you have many classes options in Beijing! However, the language may be a barrier: according to our researches, we found only classes in English and in Chinese.

Please check the below table with classes available in Beijing according to their location, as we thought you may be interested to find out classes nearby your new home in Beijing. Prices vary depending on school. You will also see that we listed classes happening in International Schools in Beijing.


Ballet dance classes in Beiing.xlsx

School nameLocationTarget age groupsWebsite
Angel BalletJian Wai SohoKids and adults
Dragon FireCanadian International School of Beijing5 to 10 years
Ding's BalletBeijing Stadium (Dongcheng district)Kids and adults
Beijing Dance LDTXCBD
Ballet Pro Dance studioHaidian districtKids from 4.5 years and adults
Cat DanceJian Wai SohoKids and adults
Dulwich college DCP BalletLegend Garden Campus and Riviera CampusKids
Danz centreYosemite Clubhouse (Shunyi)Kids and adults
Beijing Dance AcademyHaidian districtAbove 18 years
Beijing Songshan School of Dancing Liang Ma QiaoKids and adults
T BalletHaidian districtChinese only, all ages
The National Ballet of ChinaXicheng districtChinese only, all ages
CISCABaiziwanKids and adults


And if you are an amateur of Ballet shows, Beijing is offering a lot of options, in particular at the National Ballet of China.

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