Doctors Beck & Stone Pet Care Centers: Interview with Dr. Thom Jenkins

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Doctor Beck and Stone Pet Health Care Center has four clinics around Beijing and offers International-standard pet services provided by passionate Chinese and foreign veterinaries and nurses. Every pet necessity is covered here and the centre provides all types of services from vaccination, nutrition and dermatology to surgical treatment.

Interview with Dr. Thom Jenkins: VIP ConsultantThomas Jenkins

“Anything that makes you feel you had some positive impact on an animals’ life is the reward of being a vet.”

When did you start working at the Doctors Beck & Stone Pet Clinic and what can you tell us about it?

I started to work at the Doctors Beck & Stone Pet Clinic in summer 2012 so I’m relative new but under my understanding both doctors meet each other working at a hospital and decided to start together an International Pet Clinic and after that expand the clinics around China so they could increase the pet health care around the country and raise the standards across the profession because veterinary sciences are here relatively new.

The entire team at the Doctors Beck & Stone Clinic is so passionate about their work that it is always great coming to work. No matter what happen we always have the same attitude towards treating pets and their owners because we love our job and we constantly learn from each other.

Why did you want to become a veterinary?

I always wanted to become a Vet so after studying my degree at Cambridge University I had the change to move to China which was interesting because the vet sciences are relatively new and Chinese vets need to work together with foreign a vet which is a very good experience. The only bad thing about being a vet is that usually owners only come to the Clinic when their animals are ill and forget to tell you when they got better. That is also one reason why we always follow up the pet results.

“Anything that makes you feel you had some positive impact on an animals’ life is the reward of being a vet.”

What do you basically do at the Pet Health Care Center?

Apart from vaccination, neutering, general health checks or soft surgeries, we have different health issues during the entire year: recently we had a lot of infection cases in dogs and cats because people were spraying the grass of the compounds with some fertilizers. What we also want is to prevent heath issues in pets, convincing owners of bringing their pets more frequently to the Clinic so we can detect any problem before it gets worse and provide easy medication such as vitamins.


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How do you think we can prevent illness on pets?

It has been recently proved that dental care in pets is really important to prevent further issues such as kindly failure or heart problems and that an excellent set of teeth shows a healthy pet. We have more and more clients coming in order to ask about dental checks for their pets but the only way to make sure that their teethes are clean is my brushing them as we humans do and not only by giving them a bone. Even if your pet is not a dog or a cat you can bring it to a vet and try to make him feel better.

pet food in beijing“If the Pet Center is professional they would know what to do even if it is a more difficult animal such as a hamster. We can provide the hamster with some vitamins if we detect any coat problem.”

How does an operation process for an animal work?

It is useful to bring your pet more frequently to the pet Clinic so the animals get used to the place and realized we are not going to damage him. Sometimes it’s just a question of coming by and says “hi” so the pet knows that the vets like him and this way we can work better if we have to take part. Many of the dogs here, they came running in because they are already familiarized with the Clinic so definitively it is a positive thing to do.

What advices can you give to everyone in order to care about their pets?

The worst case I saw of feeding animals with human food was also in Asia: It was a bear living at the corner of a fast food restaurant and eating rests every day. Here in China we need of course time to make people understand how to care right about pets because it is truth that information about animal care is not so provided. People should take their pets at least twice a year to the Health Clinic, provide them some health check routines and what I meant before about the dental care. If clients came to our clinic frequently we can quickly now if something is going wrong with the animal.

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