Doctors Beck & Stone Pet Care Centers: Interview with Dr. Sunny Sun

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Doctor Beck and Stone Pet Health Care Center has four clinics around Beijing and offers International-standard pet services provided by passionate Chinese and foreign veterinaries and nurses. Every pet necessity is covered here and the centre provides all types of services from vaccination, nutrition and dermatology to surgical treatment.doctors beck & stone

A 24 hours emergency centre for your animals and ambulances are also available. The clinics also provide pet food and accessories and health services in different languages such as Mandarin, English, French and Russian. Important values at Doctor Beck & Stone Pet Clinic are respect inside a , motivation and the will of always want to advise and provide the best possible health services.


Interview with Dr. Sunny Sun: Jr. VIP Consultant


“Vets have no fear when a pet gets aggressive because we love our job and we also need to understand their feeling”Sunny Sun

Can you introduce me the history of the Doctors Beck & Stone Pet Clinic?

I’ve been working in the Pet clinic for almost three years but the first clinic we had was located in the CBD area inside the Chaoyang District. Doctor Beck & Stone wanted to open their own pet care centres so since then, we have in Shunyi the biggest one for pets.

The clinics went so well that nowadays we can find: four pet clinics in Beijing, two clinics in Shanghai, and one in Guangzhou. We have in the Shunyi Clinic always one Chinese vet and another foreign vet and five pet nurses. Some of our nurses are interns at the Pet Center and when they finish their veterinary degree we usually hire them if they have done a good job.

What main facilities and health services do you offer for pets?

We provide for our clients and their pets mainly vaccinations service, health check and urgency assistance like for example when an animal has vomits or diarrhea and they need a fast treatment. Other common asked services are beauty care like pet shower or nail cut but we also have hospitalization and stay rooms for pets that need to be treated during several days at our Center. In the Shunyi clinic we do a lot of pet surgery but mostly castration of dogs and cats and surgery in case of fractures.

What advices can you give to everyone in order to care about their pets?

To have a dog as a pet in Beijing can be sometimes very complicated because in the city centre it is difficult to find wide parks and also taxis can’t take dogs. It is important to find an area where your dog can run and play with other dogs to interact. Some pet owners are worried because not every dog has its vaccinations in Beijing so it can be dangerous. It is truth that in China, most of the pet owners give our food to their pets which is very bad for them. Pet food can be expensive but if you decide to buy an animal, you should care about their health because some don’t realize their pet needs.

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What can you tell me about pets getting nervous when coming to a Vet Clinic? Are veterinaries used to it?

I think when a pet is nervous and he bits its always human fault. We need to know what to do and how to react in every case because sometimes a dog or a cat can feel intimidated by a person. We care about every pet and we need that the pet trusts us so we can help him. Sometimes, when a pet is too excited we need to take some measures in order to calm him down because it will be worse for his body if he is ill. We vets have no fear when a pet gets aggressive because we love our job and we also need to understand the feeling of the animal. Of course sometimes it happens that a pet bits you but we still need to give him the treatment.

doctors beck and stone pet clinic“Sometimes I care so much about our pets that I can’t sleep well during nights because you know they are feeling bad but it is an incredible job and life passion.”


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