Top 5 areas to rent a courtyard in Beijing



The dream of many foreigners when they come to Beijing is to rent a traditional Chinese housing. In northeast China, the most beautiful of these places are called Siheyuan, or Square courtyards. These are large households built around a central courtyard with a gate at the south, the ancient master’s house was at the north. In Beijing, these courtyads are located inside the maze of little alleys which is called the Hutong.


Renting a courtyard in a Hutong can be a life experience, but the standard of some accomodations is very versatile. Regarding Hutongs, you have the best of the best and the worst of the worst, and prices are correlated. Some non renovated apartments there are really in a poor state, without bathrooms (you’ll have to go outside), with malfunctiong heating systems and a promiscuity that might really be unconfortable. Now, some renovated courtyads are really amazingly beautiful and confortable and it is now definitive that among the most beautiful places to live in Beijing. Rents are skyrocketing the past years and some Chinese people that would have dreamt to live in a modern apartmet a few years ago are now willing to rent a place inside the Hutongs. This phenomenon together with the increasing wealth of a part of the Chinese population make the renovated Hutongs among the most expensive places in China.


Where are the best courtyards located in Beijing ?



  1. Forbidden City / Beihai


Close to the Forbidden City are among the most beautiful courtyards in Beijing, but they are scarce and since they are very close to the center of power in China, some of these courtyards are chosen by the most prestigious people in China. Practically, it is close to impossible to renta courtyard there now, but some nice opportunities can still be found. The prices are in accordance. This is the dream place if you want the feeling to live in the eternal China, close to Beihai lake.


  1. Yonghegong Dongsishitao


At the northeast of the Hutong area, inside the second ring road. A beautiful place. Around the Temple of Confucius, the Lama Temple and the Wudaoying Hutong, a lot of very beautiful courtyards to rent. This is the opportunity to live in a village atmosphere within the city center. The area is being renovated at high speed.


  1. Gulou Houhai


A very touristic place, you ‘ll live in the most historical neighborhood of Beijing. The drawback is the number of tourists around Houhai, Nanluoguxiang and Gulou. You’ll benefit from a lot of restaurants and cafes, a warm welcoming place, a bit overcrowded. Some courtyards there are magnificent but they are more and more scarcely available for rent.


  1. Wangfujing


Another area with courtyards, closer to the city center. The advantage there is that you’ll be in touch with the city’s economic center. You’ll be close to the Forbidden city and Wangfujing is the most ancient and prestigious commercial street in Beijing. In Qianmen are some of the most beautiful hutogs of Beijing.



  1. Chaoyangmen Jianguomen


There is not so many courtyards there, but you may find some great opportunities.








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