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If you are interested in Chinese traditional musical instruments, we suggest you to refer to our previous article “Musical instruments in Beijing : Jinjiekou south street“. But, if you are looking for Western musical instruments, such as piano or guitar or trumpet or flute in Beijing, this new article is for you!

Musical-Instruments-The-Bird-Feed-1024x790 copyMusical instruments vocabulary

piano 钢琴 Gāngqín
violin 小提琴 xiǎotíqín
cello 大提琴 dàtíqín
bass  低音 dīyīn
trumpet 喇叭 lǎbā
saxophone 萨克管 sà kè guǎn
clarinet 单簧管 Dānhuángguǎn
Oboe 双簧管 Shuānghuángguǎn
Bassoon 巴松管 Bāsōng guǎn
French horn 圆号 Yuánhào
Guitar 吉他 Jítā
Electric guitar 电吉他 Diàn jítā
Drum 鼓 Gǔ




A French luthier settled in Beijing! If you need to repair or restore or proceed to advanced repair for your violin, but also buy an instrument (new or ancient),  this is a place you can trust! We will share you a full introduction about Fabrice’s background and services in another article! 

Address: 中国北京市朝阳区东大桥路尚都SOHO西塔1302室 Room 1302, West Tower, Shangdu Soho, Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing  
Email: fabricebeluze_luthier[a]yahoo.fr


BEIJING AOYUE PIANO CENTER 北京奥乐钢琴中心 Běijīng ào yuè gāngqín zhōngxīn

logoThe shop covers ​​400 square meters, it is located in the West of the main Olympic venue, near the China Conservatory of Music. Since 2000, the shop specializes in piano (first and second hand, reparation, rental, music books…), both international brands such as YAMAHA, KAWAI, STEINBACH, WAYCOMM…

They have an online e-commerce platform (http://shop.bj-aoyue.com/)

Website: http://www.bj-aoyue.com/index.asp
Phone: 010-64845458 or 800-810-1597
Address: 北京朝阳区安翔路23号,健翔桥东北角中国音乐学院南门向东500米



banner1Located in Fengtai district, the company was founded in 1996. They specialize in musical wind instruments. They are exclusive agents for imported brands such as Schilke Music Products, SEShire Brass, W. Nirschl York Tuba, Otto Horns, Haynse Flutes, New England Flutes, Schagerl Brass, K&M, E. Schmid Horns, B&S, Latzsch, Lechner and many other internationally renowned brands, as well as locally produced instruments.
They also sell a variety of imported and in house produced instrument parts, such as mouthpiece, mute, number of oil, tuner metronome, musical instruments cleaning and maintenance products.

If you are looking for trumpet, trombones, French horns, saxophone, flute… any kind of brass instrument in order for you or for your kid to practise a musical instrument in Beijing, this is definitely a good option.

Website: http://www.bjdayin.com/
Email: beijingdayin@sina.com
Phone: 010-87678443
Address: 北京市丰台区南方庄世纪星家园3号楼701室



db87fffc-417d-46a5-8696-e2432b7fc52fXinghai Piano Group Company is a Chinese and western musical instrument manufacturing company founded in 1994 (previously Beijing Xinghai Instrument Integrated Corporation). It took over Beijing Piano Plant which was founded in 1949. It has now 6 plants, 3 industrial branch offices, 2 commercial branch offices, 5 joint-stock subsidiary companies, 1 property branch, 1 piano training school and 1 instrument research institute. 

You can buy instruments online or visit one of their stores in Beijing. They sell of course piano instruments, but also Chinese instruments and wind instruments.

Website: http://en.xhpiano.com/

  • 北京星海钢琴商城有限公司 : 北京宣武广内大街104号5栋2层 ; 01063574825 (Xuanwu)
  • 北京星海钢琴商城有限公司(菜市口店): 北京宣武广内大街104号 ; 010-63530623 (Caishikou shop)
  • 北京星海钢琴商城有限公司(定福庄店): 北京朝阳区定福庄东街2号楼 ; 010-65794794 (Dingfuzhuang shop, Chaoyang district)
  • 北京星海钢琴商城有限公司(永定路店): 北京海淀永定路乐府江南乙1-45号 ; 010-58976747 (Yongding Road, Haidian district)
  • 北京星海钢琴商城有限公司(东华门店): 北京东华门大街47号 ; 010-65139311 (Dong Hua Men shop)
  • 北京星海钢琴商城有限公司(宽街店): 北京东城区交南大街144号 ; 010-64049254 (Dongcheng district)
  • 北京星海钢琴商城有限公司(夕照寺店): 北京崇文区夕照寺绿景馨园东区12号楼103号 ; 010-87190970 (Xizhaosi shop, Chongwen district)
  • 北京星海钢琴商城有限公司(双井店): 北京朝阳区东三环中路18号 ; 010-67747824 (Shuangjing Branch)
  • 北京星海钢琴商城有限公司(王府井店): 北京东安门大街40号 ; 010-65135228 (Wangfujing)
  • 北京星海钢琴商城有限公司(交道口店): 北京东城区交道口东大街8-4号 ; 010-64028862 (Dongcheng district)

Beijing Sheng Shiya Piano store 北京盛世雅歌琴行有限公司

Located in Dongcheng district, this store sells imported [pianos (Steinway, Bechstein, Yamaha, Kawai. Roland, Casio) and local pianos. They also distribute folk musical instruments, representing major Chinese brands.

Website: http://www.ssygmusic.com/
Phone (Pianos): 010 68403050

  • 朝阳区朝阳路民航医院西200米兴隆家园北门( 稻香村楼上)Chaoyang district
  • 西三环北路21号外研社路南 (West Third Ring)
  • 东城区交道口东大街6-6号 (Beixinqiao Subway Line 5, exit D)
  • 地铁5号线“北苑北”站下车,B1出口北行150米即到 (Subway Line 5 station Beiyuan North, exit  B1)
  • 朝阳区亚运村小营路9号银座九号大厦二层(惠新 东桥向北,第一个红绿灯左手边,交通银行对面) (Subway Station Huixinxijiebeikou exit Northeast)
  • 望京南湖中园130号楼 Wangjing Nanhu park
  • 朝阳区朝阳北路与青年路交汇口 朝阳大悦城购 物中心五层 (Chaoyang Joy City shopping mall)


GuGu Music 谷谷音乐体验中心

If you are looking for electric guitar in Beijing, this store is yours! They import genuine brands such as Peavey, Gibson, Fender, Marshall and Orange. You will find of course all related accessories such as effects pedals and guitar accessories (distortion, delay, strings, straps and other accessories). Acoustic guitars (kept in temperature and humidity-controlled room), large choice of drums, cymbals, percussion instruments and keyboards…. but that’s not all: GuGu Music also provides with professional guitar repair, equipment rental and  even workshops.

Website: http://www.gugu123.com/
Phone: 010 6452013
Address: Room 102, B1, Qiangyou Dasha, Bldg 32 Minwangyuan, Dongcheng district (200 meters north of Erhuan Xiaojie Qiao near Lama Temple) 北京市东城区民旺园32号楼强佑大厦B1层102室 (二环小街桥北200米路东)

Other piano shops in Beijing:

  • Hailun piano (Chinese brand): you can check their dealer list on their website, unfortunately all in Chinese http://www.hailunpiano.com/
  • Seiler pianos: German pianos. you can check their shop locations in Beijing on their website, unfortunately all in Chinese also http://www.seiler-pianos.net/distribute.html
  • MJ piano: http://www.mjpiano.com/map.shtml
  • Samick pianos: USA imported piano in China, Beijing http://www.samick.com.cn/
  • Buy a piano or a digital piano or an electronic piano online  and receive it in your apartment in Beijing: platforms like JD.com or Taobao.com offer a wide choice… you need to study carefully what you need. I actually purchased a digital piano Roland brand for less than 8000 RMB 2 years ago… 


Other instruments shops or factories in Beijing:


  • yueqin饶阳北方民族乐器制造有限责任公司 : this factory located in Hebei (Hengshui city, 河北衡水市饶阳县大官厅) produces traditional instruments from Northern China. If you are looking for dulcimer, erhu, pipa, Nguyen, Jinghu, Banhu, Banjo-sheng , this is the place to go! http://www.bfyueqi.com/_d269309378.htm
  • Xinghai Fuyin: Located in Chongwen district, this factory produces both Ethnic/Chinese Musical Instruments (Erhu, Jinghu, Ruan, Zheng, Pipa, Liuqin, Yangqin, Guqin…) and  Western Musical Instruments (cello, viola, violin, bass and guitar…) http://www.xinghai-fuyin.com/
  • EMB Music or BEIJING ETERNAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD : if your budget is limited, this musical instrument trading company will probably help you to find the right deal. They are not specialized and offer various instruments, from piano to guitar, as well as accordion, violin, wind instruments and accessories  http://en.embmusic.com/
  • DXKY BEIJING VIOLIN MAKING CO.,LTD 德鑫开元(北京)贸易发展有限公司: This factory produces violins, viola, cello and double bass in Beijing. We don’t have any references to share http://www.dexinkaiyuan.com/index.html?chlang=
  • DY MUSIC Beijing Deyong Musical Instruments Co.,Ltd: They distribute local and imported brands and many types of musical instruments. http://www.dymusic.com.cn/new/about_us.asp 
  • Beijing OPUS Musical Instrument CO.,LTD: OEM production of various instruments. http://www.opusmusic.com.cn/
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