Travel to Shangri-La, Yunnan with Mission Liotard!

Dear Friends, Tashi Delek!

Since 2011, Caravane Liotard has offered a fixed camp and itinerants caravans service in Yunnan province, in the Tibetan countryside of Shangri-La. Our guests fly from all over the world to climb in the peaceful surrounding mountains and enjoy the rejuvenating atmosphere of this natural gem. After this days of hiking and numerous happy moments shared by fireside under a rainfall of stars, they fly back home with memories worth a lifetime.

Today, Caravane Liotard is proud to announce the opening of Ferme Liotard. Standing high at 3,350 meters above sea in a village just outside the mythic town of Shangri-La, this large Tibetan house was built in 1976 by the monk Losan Aluo. Now restored in strict adherence with local architectural style, Ferme Liotard also offers the standards of comfort a modern traveler expects after a day’s hiking at the feet of the Himalayan mountains. Only half a day from Beijing, this haven of peace welcomes you and your friends throughout the year to revitalize far from the city. We look forward to seeing you soon, in the footsteps of the adventurers who opened the tea roads!

From the team of Caravane Liotard.


From now Caravane Liotards propose trees ervices :

I) Ferme Liotard – Fixed camp around the farm

II) Caravane Liotard – Four day’s trek in the mountain with horses & tent’s victorian style


III) Aventure LiotardSurvival & bushcraft training

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