Top 10 amazing figures during Lunar chinese new year 2017


 Between January 27th and February 1st : 


  •  46 billion of Hongbao (red envelopes) have been sent by Wechat.
  • hongbao-rmb14.2 billion dollars Hongbao have been sent via Wechat.
  • 100 billion dollars have been spent on gifts for loved ones.
    • One of the biggest tradition during Chinese New Year is to offer gifts to friends, family and colleagues. Normally a normal Chinese person spent 1/3 of his monthly salary offering gifts.



  • 2.5 billion car journeys of more than 80 km.

    • Making a traffic jam on  January 31st close to Beijing.
  • 356 million trips by train.
  • 58 million trips by air.
    • 6 Million of abroad trips.
  • 42 million trips per boat.




  • 60% decrease in population in Beijing (≈ 12 million).

    • A part of Beijing population come from the countryside and come back visiting them families during Chinese New Year.
  • 805 million yuan spent on the first day at the cinema.
    • 3.08 billion during the week.
  • 460,000 people in the Beijing parks  on February first.
    • Amazing place to enjoy music, celebration and fireworks.


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