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Lido is a residential area in Beijing

Located in the northeast area of Chaoyang, there is this area called Lido (or Lidu, a it is said in Chinese). Nothing to see with a beach in Venice or anywhere, this is about coninental China.

There is a quick expansion of Beijing, and especially at the east. Lido is rather small compared with other districts in Beijing but this is a dynamic place with an increasing presence of the young Beijing emerging middle class. This is a place with a lot of expatriates as well.

Before Shunyi, the suburd around the airport, Lido has become a trendy place to live in, with rents that are more affordable than in the Chaoyang district while being closer to Beijing international schools. The other big difference between Shunyi and Lido is that it is more active economically.

Economic activity in Lido

There are many compaies, foreign and Chinese, that have settled themselves in Lido, with large office towers such as the Lido Place or the Lido Office Tower. Rent an apartment where you are working can be convenient and you have a lot of choice there.

Lido has a great choice of restaurants, Chinese and Western.


The 798 art district

This is a great place to visit in Beijing, the 798 art district, an olf factory complex that has been renovated and trasformed in a place with manby art workshops and galleries, one of the most creative place in China, showcase of conbtemprrary creation but with many nice coffee shops and restaurants. Another art district exiss further eas at Caochangdi.

To have a rest, you can visit the parks there, the Side Park along the Bahe river, golf clubs, a lot of sport facilities, tennis courts, football fields.
Some international schools

Schools in this district : International Academy of Beijing, 3e International School, Beanstalk International School and Eton Interational School.


Foreign Food

You have sevaral Jenny Wang’s in the area, you have as well the large Indigo Shopping Mall with many international brands, and Kids land, the paradise for toys.


Rent a villa in Lido

Another big adva,tage of the Lido area is that you can rent a villa there, which can be appreciated in Beijing, even if the villa area in Beijing is Shunyi.

The villas ca, be rented in the following two compounds :


Silver Lake Villas

Greenland Garden Villas
More details here:


See there as well for other details::

Side Park


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