Shunyi in Beijing, a district for villas & international schools

Foreigners coming in Bejing are looking for places when they can live a confortable life but they are in large extent repelled by some aspects of Beijing such as the pollution and the sometime ugly urban environment. Shunyi can be a place suited for expatriates looking for a protected living environment, with larger spaces, outside Beijing downtown and its traffic jams. This is a place really growing as the favirite place for foreigners living in Beijing.

One of the reasons people want to live in Beijing is the Beijing Capital Airport, frequent commuters are ideally suited to live in Shunyi, with Beijing international airport at hand, and some foreign companies settle themselves there for ths reason.


Shunyi is a place with real activity, this is not only a residential place, regarding the economic activity, this is the place the Yanjing breweryis located, the Beijing tipical beer.


In Shunyi, you might find touristic attractions, such as the Hanshi Qiao (汉石桥), a natural park located inside the district, with an ecosystem specific to China’s northeast, many golf courses, a ski resort in Winter, the Lianhuashan 莲花山滑雪场 and a luxury spa, the Chun Hui Yuan 春晖园,.


Shunyi is often favored by foreigners because of the number of inter ational schools, here is a list:


International School of Beijing (ISB),

Western Academy of Beijing,

British Rego British School,

Dulwich College Beijing,

Beijing International Bilingual Academy,

Beijing New Talent Academy,

British School of Beijing,

International Montessori School of Beijing,

Springboard International bilingual school,

Side by Side,

Ritz Calilord Academy,

Eduwings Kindergarten,

Ivy School Beijing,

House of Knowledge International.

The Learning Center,

Positive Foundations School,

This concentration of schools makes of Shunyi the favorite choice for expatraite with families. The schools settled themselves there to benefit from large space to settle their campuses.

Large commercial centers are now installed in Bejing Shunyi, the most famous one being the lage Pinnacle Plaza, but some others are famous such as the Guotai Business Mansion or Beijing New World.

The real big advantage of Shunyi is the number of villa compounds, expatriates wih families are happy to install themselves and their families in a kid friendly place, something which is not that curent in Beijing.

The villas re often organized around schools as their natural center, around the WAB, Western Academy of Beijing, you have the following villa compounds:

Lane Bridge Villa 长岛澜桥,

Beijing Riviera 香江花园,

Grand Hills 大湖山庄.

Quanfa Garden 泉发花园,

Cathay View 观唐别墅 ,

Orchid Garden 卓锦万代,


Close to the large ISB, International School of Beijing and the British School, you have another group of villa compounds:


Monet Garden 莫奈花园 ,

A-SELECT 水青庭 ,

Rose & Ginko Villa 龙湖·滟澜山 ,

Dragon Bay Villa 龙湾别墅,

Yosemite 优山美地,

Gahood Villa 嘉浩商住别墅城,

Capital Paradise 名都园.


At the level of the former Tianzhu village, now a group of streets, you have the following villa compounds:


La Grande Villa  誉天下 ,

Palm Beach  棕榈滩,

Shadow Creek 丽宫,

Merlin Champagne Town 美林香槟小镇,

Rits Garden 丽嘉花园,

Chateau Regalia 丽高王府,

Dynasty Garden 丽斯花园,

Legend Garden 丽京花园.




Along Jing Shun Lu, many other villa compounds:

Le Leman Lake Villa

Euro-Village 欧陆苑,

River Garden 裕京花园,

Australian Garden 澳景园.

And eventually two isolted compounds:


Dragon Villa 龙苑别墅 ,

Grasse Town 格拉斯小镇.


For more details about these componds, follow the links on this page.




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