Top 5 restaurants to eat Beijing roast duck

Eating the “Beijing Kaoya”, the Beijing roasted duck, is one of the things that has to be done when visiting Beijing. Here is a selections of 5 very good addresses with different prices ranges.


Quanjude Beijing Duck


1. Quanjude (全聚德烤鸭店) ★★★★★ average price/person : 157 yuans

Quanjude restaurant has 158 years of history with a reputation consistently at the top. This is definitively one of the best places to enjoy a Beijing Duck. There are now several branches in various locations in Beijing, the Heping Gate Quanjude, opened in 1864, is the most ancient one. For old Beijingers, Quanjude is a real “institution”, the very synonym for Beijing Duck.

Quanjude first address in Xicheng district

全聚德烤鸭 (和平门店) 西城区前门西大街14号楼(近和平门地铁站)

quánjùdé kǎoyā ( hépíngmén diàn) xī chéngqū qiánmén xī dàjiē 14 hào lóu (jìn hépíngmén dìtiězhàn) Tel 010-63023062 63018833

Quanjude address in CBD

北京市朝阳区 广渠门外大街8号

běijīngshì cháoyángqū guǎngqúmén wài dàjiē 8 hào Tel 010-58612288


Ducks roasting at Pianyifang

2. Pianyifang (便宜坊烤鸭店)★★★★★ average price/person : 104 yuans

Pianyifang restaurant was established in 1416, with its 600 hundreds years of history, it is among the oldest restaurants in China and the oldest Beijing Roast Duck venue. The way Beijing Duck is cooked in Pianyifang is really distinctive: suspended inside a closed hoven and roasted, hence the skin is crispy but never burnt and the flesh remains tender. Pianyifang is the guarantee of authentic tradition and exceptional taste.

Pianyifang address in Southern Area:

北京市朝阳区 东四环中路76号

běijīngshì cháoyángqū dōngsìhuán zhōnglù 76 hào Tel 010-59626999



Dadong Beijing Duck

3. Dadong (大董烤鸭店)★★★★★ average price/person : 230 yuans

The chef Da Dong has become one of the world stars of Chinese cuisine, and the Beijing roast duck restaurant he founded in 1985 now bears his name. Da Dong proposes a creative re-reading of Beijing Duck that brings new subtle savors to the traditional iconic dish. Beijing Duck is prepared with a wide range of flavors, 8 different sauces and 3 ways to savor it, including sugar sauces, variations over the traditional small pancakes and different sweet and spices flavors.

Da Dong address in Wangfujing

Da Dong Roast Duck 北京大董烤鸭店

5th floor, Jinbao Dasha, Jinbao Jie, Dongcheng District



Yulin Restaurant


4. Yulin (玉林烤鸭店)★★★★★ average price/person : 70 yuans

Yulin restaurant has been established in 1993. The founder, Zou Dongsheng, is a chef representative of the Shandong Northwestern province cuisine. Indeed, eating a Roasted Duck at Yulin is a radically different way to approach this dish, originally rooted in the amazingly rich “Lu Cai” food tradition from Shandong and that was later adopted as the Beijing iconic dish. There are overall 6 Yulin branches, two of them are among Chinese 5 stars restaurants.

Yulin address in Southern Area

北京市朝阳区南磨房路 磨房北里甲115号

běijīngshì cháoyángqū nán mófánglù mófáng běilǐ jiǎ 115 hào Tel 010-67322269

Dayali Beijing Roast Duck


5. Dayali (大鸭梨烤鸭店)★★★★ average price /person : 60 yuans

The first Dayali restaurant has opened in 1997 and 15 years later it has become a reference chain for Beijing Duck with overall 38 Dayali branches, 30 of which are in Beijing. Wherever you are in Grand Moma, Park Apartments, Cathay View, Diyang Apartments or Bauhinia court, there is a Dayali not far from where you live.

Dayali address in CBD:



běijīng shì cháoyáng qū jīntáilù
jīntáilǐ wànhuì shāngchǎng 3 céng

Tel 010-85996969




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