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Yunnan cuisine

The Yunnan cuisine or Dian cuisine is from the Chinese south province of Yunnan. The capital of the province is Kunming and the entire region has borders with Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. The population takes around 46 million and the province is popular for being the region with the largest number of ethnic minority groups in China. Yunnan is a natural resource province because of its biodiversity and mountain area and was designated Center of Plant Diversity in 1995.

hotpot yunnan cuisine

Hot pot

This type of cuisine usually offers hot-pot with meat and vegetables but also flowers and liquors. Soups are the first part of the banquet served very hot with some vegetables and mushroom. Some appetizers are spicy mushrooms, rice cake or peanuts combined with sweet rice juice. Meat is served raw with also raw potatoes, tofu, and mushrooms and dipped in different sauces. Everything is boiled but still has a nice and rich taste which is perfect for being mixed with pineapple rice or cheese made with goat milk.


Cantonese cuisine is originally from the province of Guangdong, located in the South of China. This type of cuisine is the most popular for foreign people because of the high number of emigrants from that province. The basic ingredients of this cuisine are rice, corn and spring onions mixed with soy sauce, sugar, vinegar and salt. Some spicy ingredients such as chili peppers with ginger are also served with black pepper and star anise as herbs.

sweet pork meat

Sweet pork with vegetables

Some traditional and popular dishes are fried rice, steamed eggs, sweet pork, and stewed beef with vegetables such as spinaches, broccoli or eggplant. Seafood is also an important part of this cuisine style because of the coast location of the region. It is frequent to find fish tanks in the restaurants to cook the seafood fresh with spicy sauces, soy or ginger. Noodle hot soups are also served at the beginning and during lunch or dinner. We can find noodles with slices of beef, chicken or pork with vegetables.

Korean Cuisine

Common ingredients used are rice combined with egg and raw vegetables such as eggplant, cucumber, potato, spinach and cabbage coat with spicy sauces. Noodles, barbecue and soups are essential dishes of the Korean cuisine. Sauces and spices are very used too: sesame, soy, garlic and salt, ginger, pepper flakes and chili. Noodles are made with generally fried with beef and veggies such as cucumber, cabbage and carrot served with soy sauce. Soups are served very hot and are made up with egg, spinach and the usually vegetables also served with meat and noodles.

korean pot

Korean dish

One of the most popular events in this cuisine style is the Korean barbecue made with beef which is the most precious meat, chicken and pork. Meat is fried traditionally over a hot stone with fire but nowadays barbecues are made with gas. Some condiments with these diced meat pieces are potatoes, onion and carrot. Meat can be dunked in soy sauce, spicy chili sauce or a brown, half-sweet peanut sauce which taste awesome.

Stone pot is also very used to cook rice, eggs and veggies. It is served warm but it has to be cut and mixed after before eating. Everyone drinks water or beer during meals but some liqueurs are mix with beer together. If you really love barbecue time, raw vegetables, soy sauces and liqueurs, Korean food is definitively for you!


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