Rich and varied Italian restaurants in Beijing

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Italian food is quiet popular in the city of Beijing and you can go to several restaurants and also order pizza, pasta, appetizers and salads. We advise you a few restaurants.


Annie’s is an Italian restaurant chain that serves about 100.000 customers every month in Beijing. It is also one of the most popular places to meet people and enjoy an Italian meal. You can find around the city different restaurants in expat friendly areas such as Sanlitun or Chaoyang Park. The environment is home-loving and children are always welcome. Annie’s offers a wide menu of wines, Italian liquors and half price delivery drinks. Raviolis, tortellonis and pizzas are homemade and every dish is cooked with pure olive oil.

annies beijing

We recommend you to order, breaded mozzarella cheese sticks or Marinated eggplant with tomato and mozzarella if you are up to cheese and the chef salad. Pasta is tasteful with every sauce: the four cheese cream sauce, the traditional carbonara or the tomato sauce with porcini and black mushrooms are absolutely awesome. If you are a really pasta lover, you cannot miss Annie’s fresh pasta dishes. Do not miss either asparagus and parmesan risotto and a “Fonduta al Cioccolato” with fruits for dessert to share with whoever you want!

Have a look here at your nearest Annie’s:

Sanlitun, Chaoyang Park, Ritan Place, The Place, Soho Dawang Lu, Guomao, Wangjing, Lido and Beijing Riviera.

Scott’s Family Italian Cuisine

scotch family beijingScott Family is a charming Italian restaurant located in a back-corner of the Sanlitun area, famous for its wood-fire pizzas and the service is friendly. The restaurant is divided into two floors and meals are served around candle light. Salads are tasteful, pasta dishes served with cheese and nuts or pesto are amazing but it we recommend to order any of their pizzas. If you want to try a dessert, order the panacota ones with a drink or the tiramisu.


41 Xingfucun Lu (Sanlitun) 幸福二村41号

Phone: 6416-0600 and Opening Hours: 10:30am-1am

Kro’s Nest

This restaurant is the perfect place to have a fun lunch or dinner with your friends and enjoy the real big American pizza with soft drinkskros nest beijing or beers. The decoration is original and remains to an American sport bar, offering a lot of space for big groups, television with sport channels on and a bar counter. We honestly recommend you to order a pizza because the slices are huge and the pizza bread thick. The ingredients are fresh and the cheese taste very good with some XXL beer or coke jars. One funny detail about the Kro’s Nest is if you are going to be able to figure out where the main door is!


  • 4 Gongti Beilu (Sanlitun) Phone: 8523-6655
  • 35 Xiaoyun Lu (Sanyuanqiao ) Phone: 8391-3131

Gun Ho Pizza!

gungho beijing deliveryGung Ho Pizza is also a popular chain in Beijing started in July 2010 by Kiwi’s Jade Gray and John O’Loghlen. The restaurant offers in the place and also delivers fine bread pizzas with fresh ingredients. The chicken and pesto pizza taste wonderful combined with some Greek salad.

Their cuisine combination can be a big surprise and offers you the option of choosing your favorite mix. This combination is one of the restaurants signature slices. We recommend you calamari with aioli and chicken wings with sauce as appetizers. The pizza specials are great for sharing a meal with family or friends.

Delivery hours are daily from 11am-11pm if you want to enjoy Italian food at home.


You can find three different locations:

  • Shuangjing (5876 5262) 10-9 Fuli City Xingguang Avenue
  • Lido (5135 8557) Cnr Jiangtai Rd & Fangyuan W Rd
  • Sanlitun (8587 1404 / 8587 1370) 2 Gongti East Road Sanlitun


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