Meibocheng Beauty Supplies City 美博城美容美发用品商城

Meibocheng Beauty Supplies City & Beauty Salons Supplies mall are two huge shopping malls located next to the other one in the South of Tiananmen Square, on Zhushikou Dongdajie. Most of beauty salons and hair salons in Beijing are buying their supplies from this market (excepted some foreign brands who buy , where you can find everything related to beauty and health. 

If you want to bring a little bit of the comfort of a spa in your own home, you will find in Beijing Beauty Market all what you need!

By the way, the Beauty Salons supplies mall has also a section with all kind of products you could find in the former Yashow (= in the Yashow before 2015 renovations). 

1) Beauty salons supplies mall

1st floor: hair supplies (shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment creams, hair clippers…),  

2nd and 3rd floors: skin care products, nail polish, cosmetics, imported and local products, cleansers, whitening creams, nail care suppliers, mascara, eyeliner, tattoo supplies, perfumes… 

2) Beauty expo mall

1st floor: shampoos and creams

2nd floor: spa supplies

3rd floor: nails supplies

4th floor: hair supplies

3) How to get there?

20 Zhushikou Dongdajie
Chongwen District

Subway Line 7, ZHUSHIKOU Station, exit C.

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