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The French International School of Beijing is part of the network of 480 French schools established in 130 countries, monitored and managed by the direction of the Agency for French Education Abroad, a government institution supervised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AEFE- Agence pour l’Enseignement du Français à l’Etranger). Located in Sanlitun, the French International School of Beijing welcomes around 1000 students from approximately 50 different nationalities.

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The French International School of Beijing provides an education in 3 languages (French, English, Chinese), from Pre-School through the final year of High School.

“It is interesting to note that English-speaking and Chinese-speaking students who join primary school quickly become fluent in French. Extra classes of French as a Foreign Language are offered to children whose mother tongue is not French.”

The teaching programs are the same as those tought in France and in concordance with the official guidelines of the French Education Ministry, while remaining open to the chinese language and culture and promoting the use of English in an international context. Half of the teaching team is qualified staff members on transfer from the French Ministry of Education to the AEFE, and half is locally recruited staff members with qualification in education (native speakers for languages for instance).

Education and system

KINDERGARTEN: Developping in all children the oral skills they will need to have access to all types of education

maternelle au lycee francaiseThe Kindergarten provides the basics of a good education in the French system and prepares for primary school. Its aim is to help children become “pupils” by teaching them to be self-confidant, to learn with and among others and to enjoy school.

The curriculum revolves around five axes which all emphasise oral skills. These axes are : Speaking, Living together, Using one’s body to express oneself, Discovering the world, and Developing sensitivity, imagination, and creativity. Within the context of the School’s charter, the teachers offer a number of projects throughout the year in a variety of disciplines ranging from artistic expression or local culture discovering. From Kindergarten 3 onwards, all pupils move on to Key Stage 2 and begin the process of mastering the written language.

PRIMARY SCHOOL: Providing children with basic learning tools, i.e. oral and written expression, reading, and mathematics

In order to offer the flexibility needed by each individual, Primary School is made up of different key stages:

– Primary 1 and 2 (Key Stage 2) particularly emphasise French and Mathematics.

– In Primary 3, 4 and 5 (Key Stage 3), in addition to French and Mathematics, students are introduced to History, Geography and Science, in order to prepare their entry into lower Secondary School.

In addition to the subjects mentioned above, the teaching of English and Chinese ranges from 1,5 hour to 3 hours each per week. English and Chinese are taught by trained native-speakers. Language classes are streamed in order to offer all pupils lessons adapted to their levels.

SECONDARY SCHOOL: The School offers a complete education program from the 6th grade to the 12th grade:

Subjects are French (4h), Mathematics (4h), 3 languages (3h each), Sciences (3h), History and Geography (3h), Art (2h), Computer science (1h), Sport (3h). In grade 11, each student chooses one group of subjects to emphasized on and to prepare the A-level exam, called in French Baccalauréat: Languages and literature, Mathematics and Sciences or Economics ans Social issues.

The state-of-the-art educative facilities such as computer, audiovisual, technology, sciences, fine arts, music and sports, contribute to afrench school building beijing favourable environments for the highest quality education. The library is equipped with numerous computer stations fully accessible to all students.

The success rate of our students’ exam performance has been 100% for the last 4 years. A significant number of our students go on to preparatory class programs in France (to prepare entrance exams to Engineering School or Business School) or major universities all over the world: Switzerland, Canada, USA orUK.

Plurilingual system : Foreign language learning is one of the main priorities of the French International School of Beijing. Families can choose for their children to follow one of the two bilingual cursus offered by the School.

  • French-English : program tought in French and English, with equal hours in each language (Chinese taught as a foreign language). Available from the second year of kindergarten (MS) until the 2nd year of Primary school (CE1).

Cursus available from the second year of Kindergarten (MS) until the 4th year of Primary School (CM1)

  • French-Chinese (program tought in French and Chinese, with equal hours in each language (English taught as a foreign language)

After school activities

french school beijing 1The French International School offers a large pannel of cultural and sport after school activities, such as visual arts, guitar, calligraphy, athletics, judo, football, ballet danse or skiing. Students are actively encouraged to think and work in a creative way, making the most out of their potential skills and favorite activities.

School Cantine : the School has adequate dining facilities to allow students to eat lunch at school. The School employs a dining service whose French Chef prepares succulent dishes. A nutritionist review the composition of the meals.

Transportation : the school has put in place a school shuttle bus serving a majority of Beijing’s districts where our students live (10 lines).


Registration e-mail:

Address of the main location:

13, Sanlitun Dongsijie Beijing 100600

100600 北京市朝阳区三里屯东四街13号

Tél. (008610) 65 32 34 98

Fax. (008610) 65 32 52 45


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