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The city of Beijing is still facing a modernization between old Chinese style life and an emerging economic development. If you are planning to stay in Beijing, we advise you to start learning Chinese. It could be a good opportunity to learn a new language and will help you to adapt yourself to this new culture. English is the second language in Beijing in terms of regulations, bills and banking and communication. If you find something in another language, it will be in English. By the way, don’t be over-confident because most of the population does not speak English at all. You can try to ask for some services using English words, pay your bills and be able to communicate in foreign places but the rest is not easy.

For that reason we recommend you to take Chinese lessons in order to feel more confident. It could be also a good way of making friends and spend your free time.

List of Language Centres

Beijing Mandarin School
E-tower School
Tel: (8610)6508-1026   Fax:(8610)6508-1126
Room 904-905, E-tower, Guanghua Road , Chaoyang District, Beijing
Guangming Hotel School
Tel: (8610)8441-8391 186-1173-6419
Room 0709, Guangming Hotel, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Frontiers School
Address: 3rd Floor, Building 30, Dong Zhong Street Dongzhimenwai, Dongcheng District

Beijing Language and Culture University
admission office:; (+86-10)8230-3951
15 XueYuan Road, Haidian district.

Beijing Language and Cultural Center for Diplomatic Missions
Tel: (+86-10)6532-3005
Address: 7 SanLiTun BeiXiaoJie Street, Chaoyang district

Capital Mandarin School
Tel: (+86-10)6592-5672
Address: 2 locations Guomao & Riviera Center.

The Bridge School
You have five different locations:
Guang Ming Hotel Center, e-Tower Center, Sanlitun Center, Capital Paradise Club Center and Riviera Resident Service.

Tailor Made Chinese Center
Tel: (+86-10)5900-5420;
Address: 810 North Tower B, Shangdu SOHO, n°8 Dong Da Qiao Road, Chaoyang district.

Hutong School
Zhongyu Plaza, room 1501, 15th floor
A6 Gongti Beilu
100027 Chaoyang District, Beijing

Chinese Character Language Institute
Tel: (+86-10)5722-1978/1979
Address: 2 locations Guomao School, Branch School in DongCheng district (near the Lama temple).

New Concept Mandarin
Address: Room 1903, Building B, Ocean Express, 66 Xiaguang Li, Sanyuan Dong Bridge, Chaoyang District.
Tel: +86 (010) 8446 6455



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