How to eat healthy in Beijing?


It is important to care about your feeding everywhere and more if you are going to experiment a lot of changes such as moving to a foreign country where mostly all the types of food are going to taste different. Chinese food in Beijing refers to Cantonese cuisine and bases in rice, noodles, vegetables and meat such as chicken, beef and pork. The taste is delicious but Chinese people cook with a lot of spicy sauces and more oil than our stomach is used to. Even if you eat Chinese style food in your home country and even if you love hot spices, you will notice the difference.

The best way to care about your diet in Beijing is to mix different styles of cuisine and try to eat more fruits and vegetables. It is also truth that sometimes we really do not have enough time to cook at home and we used to buy some food to take away. In China you will notice that mostly everyone eats outside home. It is quite cheap to eat in a restaurant or order some food but this must not be an excuse. Try to order more salad, Japanese sushi and bring to the office fruit, cereals and yogurt in order to avoid other products with saturated sugar and more calories.

Do not eat Chinese food every day if you do not want to put on kilos and of course do not abuse of fast food restaurants such as McDonalds or KFC, French fries, Italian pasta and pizza with their sauces, kebab and sweet dessert. The calories and fat grams of this type of food are difficult to burn off. You should be also careful with drinks especially those with alcohol and sweet taste such as juices and fizzy drinks with sugar. It is great to enjoy the different types of Chinese teas and vegetables.


Variety of vegetables

If you want to buy European and US products you will find supermarkets such as April’s Gourmet or Jenny Lou’s in all areas of the Chaoyang District. Price ranges are higher but it is also truth that in Chinese supermarkets the available products are totally different. Supermarkets in China sell also all types of products like vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, milk products, bakery, drugstore and cosmetics.

If you want to buy fruit and vegetables or some bakery it is similar as the supermarket in your home country but maybe other products would be better to buy in a gourmet shop. China offers every day fresh products too. Popular in Beijing are the street markets during the mornings. You can get really delicious products to cook at home.



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