Harrow International School Beijing

“Leadership for a better world”

Harrow International School Beijing combines over 400 years of educational excellence with a modern approach and first-rate facilities.

Harrow has partner schools in England and Thailand and always tries to offer their students the best opportunities in order to achieve an excellent academic and personal development and succeed in life.

“Leadership involves having the motivation, skills and determination to make a difference. It can mean leading from the front or influencing from within as an effective team player.”


This School is famous for their academic excellence which takes every student to reach their potential. Teaching is based on the National Curriculum for England, helping children to achieve “A levels” and apply for the University of their Dreams. About the general learning experience, the education program at Harrow’s together with an excellent group of teachers help students inside a friendly and respectful community to grow up as talented, tolerant and intelligent people, who develop their skills lifelong.

Students have a close relationship with their teachers not also inside the classroom but also in extra-curricular activities and during tutorship. The teaching group is very involved during their careers at Harrow which is perfect and useful for children’s education. Harrow has years long of inspiring traditions and education methods such as current practice and protocol. Not only British kids grow up at Harrow. The School in the city of Beijing receives children from all nationalities around the world so that English education ends up being global and full of motivated and moral children.Harrow old picture

Academic Excellence

Harrow School Beijing has the highest expectations for academic achievement and the entire educational institution makes sure that all students can reach them, following a broad curriculum. The school system has different phases in order to have a better organization during the different years. In order to assure the best possible lifelong education, Harrows offers a variety of subjects and languages such as Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Korean. After graduating most of the students at Harrow start their studies world-wide in Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, College London and Princeton.

harrow 2Most of the chosen Universities are located in United Kingdom or in United States but students have also been send to Universities in Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, South Africa and Australia. Other students at Harrow prefer to stay around Asia and apply with success for Universities like “Beijing Language and Cultural University”, “Hong Kong University of Science & Technology”, “Dong Duk Women’s University” and “Hong Kong University – Computer Science”.

Examinations play an important part in the life of the school as measures of individual performance and are used to assess overall school performance trends in particular subjects against national UK norms. Harrow provides the main British examinations from Cambridge UCLES and UCIE, Edexcel London and AQA. Examinations at School are taken twice a year at the end of each term for students from grade 7 to 10. Other official public examinations available are AS (General Certificate of Education Advanced Subsidiary Level), A level and Public Examinations at GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education).

Activities and Trips

Having over fifty different activities and school trips for different grades, Harrow tries to rich their students not only inside the classrooms but also in several subjects such as sports, music and arts. Some annual expeditions are for example sailing, scuba diving, abseiling, trekking and more. Every trip is different and brings a great opportunity for every student to develop their skills and make stronger relationships with their classmates and teachers. Other activities for sport lovers are for example tennis, football, felt club, line dancing, cricket, rugby and pin-pon.

Students at Harrow can also join the drama club or other activities like cooking, drama club, calligraphy, share trading club, film club, circuit training, mathematical model-making and journalism club. All students at the Upper School join the week long annual expeditions which start the year by fostering camaraderie and school spirit. The Lower School also hold expeditions week but as a series of themed day trips for the younger years with residential trips for Years 5 and above.

sailing picture

All of the expeditions are planned to give a balanced variety of activities to the students, and also to give then exposure to growing levels of experience throughout the course of their school lives at Harrow. From Year 5 where the emphasis is on having fun and adventure in the outdoors and friendship building, students will move through a range of expeditions (each year group going on one expedition) up to the Sixth Form where options focus on specific skills from a wide range of activities, such as charity volunteering in China, diving in the Philippines, biology in Thailand and politics in visiting North Korea.

“The International Award for Young People is designed to challenge individuals. It presents a balanced, non-competitive programme of voluntary activities which encourages personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to their community.”


The Lower School Campus is located outside Beijing inside the Tongzhou District surrounded by a river and a nice and outdoor environment with gardens.

Harrows commitment is to provide the best education and care for small children in order to help them to fulfil their academic potential later. The environment is really stimulating and has a lot to offer: the high quality of the teachers, excellent facilities around the entire campus, music classrooms, bright outdoor spaces, sciences classrooms and sport activities.


Academic excellence across the school is what Harrow first offers.

They are very proud of developing their students as well-rounded individuals and leaderships for a better world. At Harrow it is always important to learn new things also outside the classroom as a part of our self-experience. Every student develops not only academic qualities but also responsibility and respect. They are really involved with their activities and personal progress with their personal tutor and the rest of the subjects. Harrow is popular for its success with about 80% of their students obtaining an A level grade.

harrow 1


Harrow International School will have a new place, ready for next year located in the area of Huanggang near the Jing Cheng Expressway about 20 minutes from central Beijing. The new campus at He Ge Zhuang offers a lot of new facilities and puts together the entire school so that lower school and upper school students share the same space but having different classroom and dining room areas. The entire plot of land has a total of 66, 600 sq.metres and more than 46 sq.metres are occupied with buildings and wide outdoor spaces.

New Harrow campus

The access to the campus is quiet convenient having a the Maquanying tube station 10 minutes away, the He Ge Zhuang Village on one side and a fantastic lake just in front of the campus garden. New classrooms, 11 fully-equipped science laboratories, a 500 seat theatre and 6 large music rooms are a few of the new facilities Harrow will have soon in the new location. Sport facilities are going to offer all possibilities harrow wants for their students. Two indoor swimming pools, a multi-function gymnasium, 2 fitness rooms, a climbing wall, outdoor tennis courts and 3 football fields outside without forgetting the lake for more water sports. Harrow School will moved to the He Ge Zhuand campus in December at will also be great to show the new facilities.

The New Harrow Campus is especially convenient if you live in Beijing Riviera, Cathay View, Lane bridge, Grand Hills, Orchid Graden or Quanfa Garden.

If you would like to visit the New campus just contact here: visit@harrowbeijing.cn


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