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Eton Kindergarten in Beijing is a Pre-School center that embraces the effectiveness of the Montessori teaching methods in English. This Kindergarten is offering premier educational facilities and nurturing atmospheres encourage a natural love of learning and exploring inside a welcoming community of parents and teachers near your new home in China.

The Etonkids International Kindergarten offers:

• Teaching team: one internationally certified Montessori teacher from abroad + English speaking Assistant Teachers (depending on number of students in the class) and a 100% English language environment

• Fully equipped and prepared Montessori layout & materials

What does the Eton Kids do in order to give small children the best education?

1. Kids at Eton exercise everyday living skills that help to develop hand-eye and fine motor coordination, increase attention span, understand achieving objectives through set sequence, and gain a sense of first independence.

These are skills that are later transferred into writing and other higher pursuits during the schoolarlife of each child. child masters the Practical Life objects, The child starts to becomes confident in his abilities, and becomes eager to tackle the more demanding lessons he sees the older children doing in mathematics, language and sciences.

2. They start to teach maths so children learn numerals and operations by manipulating didactic materials and combining them with number cards, charts, and written exercises. Dr. Montessori’s renowned “golden bead” material forms the basis for learning the decimal system. This lays the foundation for understanding basic arithmetic functions such as adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying and promotes a real understanding of the number system in order to go from the very concrete exercises to abstract representations of numbers.

3. The Kindergarten teaches cultural subjects includes geography, history, science, and fine arts. For all these disciplines specially prepared materials following the same Montessori principles:

Lessons are didactic, organized for presentation from simple to complex, and contain lessons imbedded for a future reference.

Here you can check the different campuses you can find in Beijing: CLICK


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