Electric bicycle registration regulations in Beijing

How to get a plate for a new Electric bicycle?

electric bikes in beijingIf you want to get a legal plate for your new bicycle you will need to bring some documents to the Vehicle registration station in order to register the bike.

You will have to hang in the following documents:

Application form of the non-vehicle registration

Owner’s Passport (foreigners will need the temporary residential registration form + a copy of their Passport)

Original quality certificate of the bicycle

Original receive of purchase and its copy

You also will need to bring the bicycle with you in order to proceed with a check.

How to transfer an Electric bicycle?

When transferring the ownership of a bicycle, buyer and seller should go to the original registration station to apply for transferring. When buy and selling a registered bicycle, former and current owner should finish transfer procedure in a local trust store to get a fapiao of this transfer; or sign on a transfer agreement. When plate or driving permit missing, former owner should go to the original registration station to have the plate and permit reissued.

When the moment of transferring the bike comes, you should go with the owner to the Registration station to apply for transferring the electric bicycle. It is very important that you have a receipt when buying the electric bicycle in a legal store that makes you sure you can have the receipt called “fapiao”.

Finish the agreement in this store and don’t forget to have the contract signed by the original owner when transferring the bicycle. In case the plate or the permit is missing, the owner will need to go to the Registration station in order to give you every official paper for the transferring.

The buyer and the electric bike seller need to have the documents mentioned before for the required of the bicycle plate.

How to replace the plate and the driving license?

When the plate or the driving license is missing, broken or damaged, the owner also needs to go to the Registration station to have both reissued, with following documents:

Replacement of a plate

1. Application form of non-vehicle registration (should indicate if driving license is also lost with the plate)

2. Owner’s passport and a copy

3. Driving license

4. Submit the electric bicycle

Replacement of a driving license

1. Application form of non-vehicle registration

2. Owner’s passport and a copy

3. Official Plate

4. Submit the electric bicycle

how to register an electric bike in beijing?

How to cancel the registration?

If you want to cancel the electric bike registration the bike owner must bring the following documents to the Registration station:

1. The Application form of non-vehicle registration

2. Owner’s passport and a copy

3. The plate and their driving license

What to do in case the electric bicycle has been stolen?

When the registered bicycle has been stolen, the owner should notify it at the Registration station with the following documents:

1. The Application form of non-vehicle registration

2. Owner’s passport and a copy

3. Original proof of theft/ robbery from police station and its copy


For the Plate: RMB 9/ Piece

For the Driving license: RMB 1/ Piece

Registration Stations of non-vehicles in Beijing:

Dong Cheng District:

6551 6568 Dong Cheng District Vehicle Administration Office,

Door 4, Building 1, Dou Ban Hu Tong

8724 4501 Traffic Police Station of Heaven of Temple,

NO. 26 Min Zhu Bei Jie, Yong Ding Men Wai

Xi ChengDistrict:

6839 9206 Office Hall,

NO. 303, Zhao Deng Yu Road

6352 2571 Guang An Men Traffic Station,

NO.33 Hong Lian Nan Lu

Chaoyang District:

6839 9517 Law Enforcement Station of Hu Jia Lou Traffic Station,

North-East corner of Jing Guang Bridge, East 3rd Ring Road

6481 2385 Law Enforcement Station of Ya Yun Cun Traffic Station,

NO.9 Fu Lin Road

Shunyi District:

6942 1794 Shun Yi District Vehicle Administration Office,

West Area, NO.10 Shun Ping Xi Lu

More contacts of Registration stations:

Hai Dian District: 6255 3336

Feng Tai District: 8389 1480/6839 9723

Shi Jing Shan District: 6839 9806

Fang Shan District: 6839 7030-5008

Tong Zhou District: 8152 6404

Chang Ping District: 6972 4241

Da Xing District: 6126 8964

Men Tou Gou District: 6980 8501

Ping Gu: 6995 9863

Huai Rou: 8968 4090

Mi Yun: 6906 8445

Yan Qing: 8119 4561


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