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If you are looking for a job in China, this article is for you. We already shared some tips for Expat’s spouses on how to find a job in Beijing; this article is a good addition to the previous one and it is also interesting for Expatriates living in Beijing and considering switching job in China. 

Job market is quickly changing in China: recruiters have now higher requirements for candidates looking for a job in Beijing: candidates should be either totally immersed in Chinese culture (including mastering mandarin language) or have specific expertise (in particular in Sciences). 

Chinese candidates are more and more preferred to international people for many positions, including for public relations, marketing and sales, department direction… However foreigners with on-the-ground China experience and language skills have also all their chances versus new expats from abroad. Head hunting companies also observe the same trend and mostly relocate candidates with China experience. 

Working in China

Working in China

Salaries: the end of the Expat package? It is definitely not the case for Senior Managers and Direction positions who still receive full expatriation relocation packages, including premium housing and school fees at expensive international schools. However middle managers will usually get a lower salary than they would be in the west, even the cost of living is comparable if not higher. Here again, expertise and sector will offer different salary levels.

Most websites offer the possibility to upload your resume and create personalized job searches per industry, position and location. Those websites also do  list internship offers. Do not forget that you will need your employer to sponsor your working visa in China (some websites allow to add this requirement to your job search). Check our websites for job hunting below.

Besides websites, consider also using social networks such as LinkedIn and also subscribe to Wechat accounts of head hunting companies and those from below websites.

SCOUT Real Estate wish you a good job hunting in Beijing!
If working in Real Estate in Beijing is something you are interested in, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • 51 Job
    • Language: English / Chinese
  • CareerEngine
    • Language: English / Chinese / Japanese
  • CareerJet
    • Language: English only
  • ChinaHR
    • Language: Chinese only
  • ChinaJOB
    • Language: English / Chinese
  • China Job Hunter
    • Language: English only
  • CJol
    • Language: Chinese only
  • Indeed
    • Language: English only
  • Job168
    • Language: English / Chinese
  • MatchDragon
    • Language: English / Chinese / French… 
  • Monster
    • Language: English only
  • New China Career
    • Language: English only
  • SinoJobs
    • Language: English / Chinese / German
    • Many offers from German companies implanted in China
    • Internship offers
  • Wang & LI
    • Language: English / Chinese
  • Zhaopin
    • Language: Chinese only


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