Beijing will build a 3.5 ring road between the existing 3rd and 4th rings


End of February, the newspapers reported that Beijing is planning a 3.5 ring road between the existing 3rd and 4th rings. The 3.5th ring will consist of express sections, totalling 28 kilometers in length. It will be built by the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20). As seen on the above map, the sections include:

  • Guangqu road 广渠路 (North West of 3rd ring road)
  • Bagou road 巴沟路 (north of 3rd ring road)
  • South of Xidawanglu 西大望路
  • Shiliuzhang road 石榴庄路 (south of 3rd ring road, Fengtai district)


Other infrastructures are also being planned in Beijing, with a strong focus on public transportation to achieve a greener city:

  • three high-speed subway lines (160 kilometers per hour) – lines 17,19 and 3.
  • reduction of intervals between subway train arrivals will be reduced to two and a half minutes on all Beijing subway lines by the end of 2020,
  • increase of the total length of subway lines from 527 kilometers to more than 900 kilometers by the end of 2020,
  • construction of a new Beijing East Railway Station by 2020,
  • four new long-distance bus stations outside the city center to reach medium and small cities located outside Beijing.
  • additional 9,000 parking spaces
  • railway hub around the winter olympic game site, Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway, Beijing-Shenyang Railway



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