Yuanyang Rice Terraces, Yunnan

Yuanyang rice terrace fields in Qingkou village


One of the most beautiful China’s rice terraces. Some would even say that Yuanyang rice terraces are the most beautiful in Asia. Yuanyang county covers 2,200 km2 . The population belongs to ethnic minorities (Hani ethnic group) and the main activity is agriculture.
We went there on our way from Kunming to Xishuangbanna. 

When to visit Yuanyang?

If you want to see terrace fields filled with water, go there between November and March. From April to September, the green pady rce will over the field, while at the end of September / early October, the  rice fields ripe and turn yellow.

What to visit?

There is an entrance fee to pay to access the rice terrace region: CNY 100 for a through ticket valid for one day, CNY 180 valid for 10 days and CNY 360 valid for 1 year. There is no public transportation to travel from a place to another one and therefore, you’d better rent a car or hire a driver. 

  • Visit of Qingkou traditional village
  • Sunrise in Duoyishu 多依树 
  • Qingkou traditional village
  • Sunset in Bada 坝达, Longshuba 龙树坝 and Laohuzui 老虎嘴 
  • Market on Sunday morning in Laomeng 老猛
  • Jingkou village

How to get to YuanYang 元阳?

Easy access from Kunming 昆明. 

  • By car: About 4 to 5 hours drive, ~ 320 km
  • By bus: depart from Kunming South Bus Station 南部汽车客运站.
    • ADDRESS: Caiyun Bei Lu, Kunming 昆明彩云北路
    • PHONE: (0871) 7361722,7361683
    • WEBSITE: http://en.ynta.gov.cn/Item/663.aspx 
    • 6 bus per day between 10:20 and 20:00 from Kunming to Yuanyang Xinjie (77 to 132 RMB day/sleeper).

Where to stay?

Sunny Guest House

We stayed in Sunny Guest House (Puogao laozhai, Duoyishu Village, Yuanyang County, China) -多依树阳光客栈 (胜村乡多依树普高老寨 . Below is our interview with the owner of the guest house, a Cantonese couple who decided to retire in Yuanyang, enjoying the clean environment and beautiful landscapes.

Where do you come from? We come from Foshan, Guangdong.

Why did you open Sunny Guest House? We decided to retire in Duoyishu in Yuanyuang county, to enjoy pure air and water, as well as to share the life of “good people”. We settled there more than 10 years ago. My husband and I are more than 70 years old. Sunny Guest House is ideally located in Duoyishu village, facing the rice terraces. Running a guest house allow us to meet different people every day.  We also produce our own vegetables in our garden. 

The name “Sunny” was chosen because the guest house faces East. 

When is it best time to visit Sunny Guest House? All year. Every day, every season offers something special. Even rainy weather offers magic views. January is the coldest time.

In what you guest house differs from others? We want our place to be welcoming for anyone. People have different life and they are all looking for something different when they take holiday. The most obvious difference is between Chinese and foreigners. Foreigners want to enjoy, relax and rest, read books as well as spend time to discuss with local people. Chinese usually prefer to take pictures and visit many places. We even had a German customer who spend 5 days in his room… 

– Wechat account 13889946827. 
– http://www.chinese.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Sunny-Guest-House/yuanyang/49805 
– 180rmb for standard rooms with private bathroom (breakfast not included)

Other option:

Jacky’s Guest House
Address: Pugaolaozhai,Duoyishu,Yuanyang, Yuanyang, China 多依树普高老寨水云间客栈
Phone:+86 135 2973 2170 / haichao33@gmail.com
The owner is from Hani ethnie and speaks good English.
160 rmb for nice rooms with western bathrooms, including breakfast.

More information:

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